Bright ideas Essay

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Bright ideas

The history of the progress of the human race is history of bright ideas. Looking at the great breakthroughs we had since civilisation began,we see that from to time there has been individuals and groups who challenged established beliefs and overcame limitations that had kept back the race. Known history records breakthroughs with bright ideas and based in this,we can safely say that even in mankind a early breakthroughs had probably been brought about by bright ideas. This trend continues today as man progresses onwards.

The first bright idea man ever had would probably was what saved him from wondering and wandering for food, or the introduction of fire. Other came up with the idea of growing food for self use rather than chasing it. Taming I animals also came as a bright idea to man. Tools such as the famous “wheel” will give you a perfect idea of what I’m talking about.

Many if our modern inventions are the result of having such bright ideas of scientists who tried vainly for the making of them. One has to thank Newton,Einstei,Edison and hundreds of other scientists who have changed our way of lifestyle, how we react, how we so everything. Such were those great ideas that shaked the earth. But these bright ideas have made inventions whom we are using for the destruction like the splitting of atom was made for the make of cheap electricity bit rather than that it’s being used for the making of atomic and nuclear bombs that wipes out the entire life in an area

In the future we capture the idea of the making of the time machines and cloning machines. These are also te results if the clones to be formed. Such is the brightness of the bright ideas

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