Bright Star Film Review 

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I really enjoyed the film Bright Star. I thought it was a loving and romantic tale. The depiction of Fanny Brawne and John Keats’ love was very innocent and sweet. The chemistry between the actors was magnificent. They beautifully encaptured the innocence of Ms. Brawne and Mr. Keats’ young love. A love which started through words, a bond over poetry, and bits of sweet and witty banter.Through their story they grow closer through a love for each other’s minds.

When their relationship does become physical, it is still innocent, starting with brushing of fingers, holding hands, and leading up to sweet, tender, and secret kisses.

Along with the wonderful display of Ms. Brawne and Mr. Keats’ love, the film very eloquently showed the origin of the poem “Bright Star”, which is argued to be a bi-product of said love affair. The film shows Keats going through the process of creating his famous poem, as Ms. Brawne and his love grows.

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Through a sequence of romantic scenes the poem is slowly revealed, until finally Keats recites the poem in full to Ms. Brawne. At the very end of the movie, we are gifted with a scene of Ms. Brawne reciting the poem her love, Mr. Keats, wrote for her.

However, the film does not only recite Keats’ “Bright Star”. Viewers are blessed with recitations of two more of Keats’ famous poems, these are “La Belle Dame sans Merci” and “Ode to a Nightingale”. The telling of these poems act as tributes to Keats and his other works.

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These poems also act as fillers for breaks in the film.

Though I enjoyed the movie I do have a few complaints. My main one being about the costuming. I understand why the character of Ms. Brawne had many different outfits, it seemed like there was a new outfit for each scene, as she has a passion for fashion. What I don’t understand is why every other character wears the same two outfits throughout the whole movie. Considering the fact that the film was based around Keats’ “Bright Star” I would have expected him to have more than one outfit. It slightly bothers me that he as a main character, stayed in the same outfit throughout the film, though who knows, that may have been an allusion to his lack of wealth.

The only other complaint I have is a personal hatred towards the character Mr. Brown. Throughout the entire movie he constantly belittles those around him, especially Ms. Brawne. He also leads on a young maid, impregnates her, proceeds to claim they never had sexual connections, and then promises to care for the child, to make himself look better. He is extremely full of himself and has no regard for the lives or emotions of those he comes in contact with. On top of all of this, it seems that he never learns that his ways are wrong, leading him to continue to be, in my opinion, the world’s largest jerk.

Other than that, I really enjoyed this film. I thought it beautifully encaptured the story behind the poem “Bright Star” and the innocent love between Ms. Brawne and Mr. Keats. Though I would not recommend this as a “fun” movie to watch in your free time, it is a very interesting and educational film. I highly recommend it to anyone studying Keats’ work. It provides a detailed backstory to better understand his poem.

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