Boys will be boys

Boys need care and support also when they are growing up, but it seems their behavior is required more rigidly. When boys come to the age of 10 or 11, they are required to behavior like a man. A boy who is scared in the dark or left alone at such a young age will be laughed, he will be said sissy. The traditional way asked boys mislead them to be pretend to be man-like. They have to be independent exactly when they need love and support from parents, they get no comfort or care when they get hurt.

All of which at last lead to a pathological for the boy who can’t handle it well. Boys suffer from the way people rewire them, they are emotionally expressive, but a long time to repress their real feelings lead to a higher rate of crime or suicide, smoking and alcoholics in boys than girls.

If boys go against their heart for a long time, they can’t act who they are for a long time, they get no help or guide, psychological problems will come into being instead.

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For example, a boy who lost his father in an early age, in his heart he desires the love from his father or from a man. But he should behave like a man to avoid being laughed by others while he is so weak, he has no one to talk this desire, so that as the desire become stronger and stronger, most cases, he becomes a gay.

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At last, boys should be taken care of in a different way from girls. The rigid idea that boys should behave like a “big boy” every moment should be considered carefully. Maybe when the boys really get the opportunity to be themselves, there will be less crime and suicide. No matter how he behaves, just follow the voice from the heart. Let the boys be who they are, more acceptance and love is need for who they are.

Updated: Jul 06, 2022
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