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Bombay Dyeing came up with a creative concept just in time for Diwali in 2018 called Gifting Redefined. Finding an ideal gift for our dear ones may sometimes be quite tedious. Gifts such as dry fruits, sweets & chocolates are making way for non-traditional alternatives. Understanding the shift in the consumer preferences Bombay Dyeing, the flagship company of the Wadia Group added ‘Bedlinen’ as an alternate to traditional gifting. People always want to gift something memorable to their near and dear ones that would be cherished for long.

The new campaign on this concept narrates how Bombay Dyeing bed sheet is an ideal choice as a Gift with striking designs, rich textures and superior quality fabrics for this festive season.

The advertisement had already crossed 1 Million views on you tube within 2 days of campaign launch. The campaign had been conceptualized on the basis of changing consumer preferences towards gifting. Feedback from business partners and existing customers gave them an understanding that consumers are moving away from the traditional gifting like dry fruits & confectioneries which are consumables.

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There was a demand for unique and long term gifting ideas. What can be better than gifting bed linen sets in varied colours, patterns and designs. It is an ideal gift for every occasion may it be marriage, festival, birthday, anniversary or housewarming.

Bombay Dyeing along with Twitter have joined hands to launch a campaign recently called #CreatingMemories #SocialDistancing . It highlights that social distancing is the key to stop the pandemic corona virus and it is a very good way of spreading awareness and encouraging people to come and fight the virus.

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Bombay Dyeing Marketing Mix (4Ps) Strategy

Product:- The Bombay Dyeing textile (Home and You) segment, which is the retail business, consists of three broad categories in its marketing mix- bed, bath and coordinates with products such as bed linens, towels, bathrobes, bath mats, blankets, quilt& comforter, pillow, duvet covers etc. Bombay dyeing is an iconic brand which is known for its superior quality, unparalleled product range offering stylish classics to modern, trendy and youthful designs for a variety of consumers. The PSF segment caters to the business to business market with the fibre supplied to other venders for filling the pillows, mattresses etc. The products are designed in in-house studios with exclusive Bombay dyeing designers keeping the brand customer-centric.

Price:- Bombay Dyeing focuses on the changing tastes of young always maintaining its position in the affordable premium segment. Bombay Dyeing uses a dual retail pricing strategy in its marketing mix to cater to the low end and high end of the market. It has products priced for value conscious consumers for whom the products start from Rs. 799 in bed linen category and Rs. 199 in the bath linen segment and for fashion led premium consumer preferences, who want high end fabrics and innovative designs, for whom the premium category would start from Rs.

Place:- Retail stores are a major way in which Bombay Dyeing rech its consumer. The company has 5 textile manufacturing facilities conforming to international standards from which products are supplied to various outlets. though the textile manufacturing is soon going to be outsourced, Bombay dyeing will keep the design studio in-house for its range of products in the various categories. The products reach its consumers directly through company owned stores and its E-commerce websites.

Further, the company also reaches its consumers with the help on intermediaries through franchises, authorized retail sellers, multi-brand retailers and other ecommerce portals. The products are currently available in more than 5000 multi-brand outlets, 200 franchises and 600 exclusive stores.

Promotion:- Bombay Dyeing brand is focusing on the young consumers for whom they are trying to position themselves as ’Young contemporary and ever-evolving’ as it already has an aged loyal customer base. The brand is promoted through a mix of marketing channels which includes outdoor advertising, TV advertising, with a major focus on print ads in newspaper and magazines. Bombay Dyeing also sponsors many events including Glad rags Manhunt and Mega model contest.

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