P6The business I will talk about is BMW and NHSFor the business

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P6The business I will talk about is BMW and NHS.For the business it is important to know about the changes.BMW- ‘Bayerische Motoren Werke AG”Business people need to know about stakeholders because to find out the Hidden problems and provide the valuable information that business company people will need to know. This cannot only affect factors can affect the stakeholders as well.As BMW comoany is global corporation with a complec value chain and can effects employees customers including suppliers.

I will talk about choosen factors and stakeholders might affect the Business BMW and NHS. Business people needs to know about the changes that are taking places and the affects in the business.Political FactorsDirectly affect the BMW because of the factors.BMW may face high tax burden. BMW group is the back bone of global market. When government’s exchange the rate international trade effects on the business .Political stability can impact like large company because BMW is operating the global scale but at the same time it is good for business.

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Britain is a member of The EU.It can affect business if the government spending policy. Government regulation might affect the business for example how the cars looks or the design.Economic FactorsMight impact the company . BMW revenues can affect. BMW have manufactures which is strong because of that it can affects global inflation rate. For example changes EUR:USD currency exchange rate. Interest rates: It can affect the BMW company if the company is taking the large amount of money as in loans.

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Exchange rate might affect the business like BMW for example the company has to satisfy the international supplier and it might affect the profit margins which will take the BMW company to the loss. BMW Company has to gain the prices of the vehicles for inflation.Social factors Factors will affect the auto industries as well for example, environmental issues. BMW deals with every cultures. BMW located in 14 different countries in a different way. BMW also provides financial supports like donations etc. BMW Company doing success because of the knowledge’s and skills. BMW teaches younger people like projects about new technologies etc.Population growth can affect business for example like reduced the net wages.With more workers people will work less.Environmental factors.Environmental factors can affect the BMW business and it can impact the business because they have to change the equipment to meet the standards and it can cost a good of money for that. Major climate is a big problem for BMW Group. Companies are facing issues about the environment Recycling: The cost of Recycling is increasing and the cost is increasing as well but it provides harm to the environment which basically not good for the environment.Legal Factors. The interest of customers, activities and behaviour. Company law changes is going to affect business like large company BMW. There is a chance to change company..Consumer law ” affect the BMW for example the large companies like BMW they put the fair amount of information about their products and services and the other hand they makes a business for private. Wages of minimum can affect the business.Employment law ” protect the rights of the employee and covers employee relationship. It can affect the BMW business in many ways for example: equal pay if the employee is getting more paid then others it can affect the business.Race discrimination and Religion can affect the BMW business.Business 2 “. NHS.I will talk about how factors and stakeholders might effect on the Business NHS.Stakeholders might affect the charities (NHS) it can affect to equal opportunities ,health and safety, relationship with customers and suppliers.Political EnvironmentThe rules and regulations of the NHS and the government isn’t going too well because of the elections which were held in 2010. NHS Managers facing difficulties to focus on the long term strategy because of the continually changing political environment which is bad.Impact- Managers are worried because of the changes.Tax= charities doesn’t pay tax but they use the money for charitable purpose.Employment law charities is affection child protection.Economic factorsThe movement of money can change the environment. NHS required qualified staff and the cost of labour has increased and NHS making difficult to spend more. NHS cannot work without qualifies staff because of the expenses. NHS needs to improve service delivery which helps NHS to allow more patients to be treated in less time.Impact- NHS needs to be analysed because economic environment can increase profit or losses.Social Factors.NHS changes Social Environment Aging people require more health caring services. NHS should be located people can reach the hospital when they need emergency care. Social Environment affects the staff because they don’t have time to spend time with their family NHS should take care of this so that employees can work and spend good time with family as well.Population growth can affect business for example like reduced the net wages.With more workers people will work less.Impact- Social environment can gain or loose patients and staff associated with NHS.Legal Factors NHS have to follow some quality to issues which is set by government for the patients safety who are admitted to the hospital. NHS has to provide a account so which is ordered from the government which helps them to keep a track of the taxes they pay and the income that they earn.Consumer law: charity law might affect charities who want to reward loyal employees.

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