Biodiversity Loss

Species loss changes the most important processes of the ecosystem,productivity and sustainability.Biodiversity loss quickens this alteration of the ecosystem. It is researched whether species loss and the change of ecosystem or global enviromental changes have more effect on vital processes. Intermediate species loss reduces the plant production, higher loss has as detrimental impact as acidification, elevated CO2 and nutrient pollution.However intermediate one affects on decomposition more than elevated CO2 and nitrogen addition. Global changes may cause more huge rates of extinction than up to this time.

If this situation continues,datas shows that world will pass through sixth mass extinction.These knowledges prompts the experiments on what each different parts of the biodiversity has function on production and life.

Although it is clear that biodiversity loss decline the production and change decomposition, there are uncertainties about how strongly it might affect humanity. There are two approaches summarizing meta analysises of the envriomental change on production and decomposition.Moreover, species losses at local scales most relevant to biodiversity and ecosystem functioning (BEF) but it is not relevant on global extinctions and it may respond nonlinearly to multiple environmental changes.

At the enf of 21st century,it is stated that the main driver of the ecosystem alteration is species loss.When species loss rate falls in the projection of between 21 and 40, it is intermediate level, it is expected that biodiversity loss decrease biomass production.

If the rate is lower than this interval, it cannot be said that species loss has a huge effect on production feature.

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In intermadite level, species loss’ influence on plant production is as much as ultraviolet radiation and climate warming. As to higher levels of species loss, its hazardous effect on production is equal to warming, ozone and acidification. Finally, species loss rate must be more than 75 percent in order to have a huge detrimental effect on primary production as much as heavy nutrient pollution arisen from the environmental changes.Now it seems possible in only local scale.However, it can occur globally after 250-500 years from today only if current extinctions continue in this scale.

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