Bill Gates known as William Henry Gates III was born October 28

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Bill Gates known as William Henry Gates III was born October 28, 1955, in Seattle, Washington. Bill is the second out of three children. His father was a promising law student, William H. Gates Mother Mary Maxwell was an athletic and outgoing student at Washington University where she studied business affairs and leadership. The age of eleven bills was a very good reader and over reference books spent many hours pouring. Bills parents were concerned about his well-being because he appears to be bored and withdrawn.

His parents assumed he was a loner. Bill went to school at Seattle Lakeside school. He was very smart, and in all of his subjects he succeeds. The school at Lakeside had a computer company that offered students computer time. Bill was very interested in what a computer could do and was working on the terminal for some time. He also wrote a tic-tac-toe program allowing you play against the computer. Bill graduated from Lakeside in 1973 and in the college SAT test he scored 1590 out of 1600.

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For several years, he had a smart accomplishment and boosted of introducing himself to new people. Micro-soft was formed in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. By 1979, the company started trembling. At twenty-three years of age, Gates placed himself the company's head. As his own spokesman, he leads the company. Gates reviewed and rewrote every code when needed. The growth of IBM program exploded in 1979 and 1981, and his staffed also increased Gates and Allen Microsoft Company and Gates became chairman and president.

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Allen has been announced as the company's vice president. Everything was smooth at the start. Microsoft BASIC program netted the company a fee because it was not meeting its budget. Gates accounted for only 10 percent of the people with BASIC had paid for it. The BASIC software was popular with hobbyists. The hobbyists had pre-market copies and were reproducing it for free. At that, the personal computer people were not there for the money. The people felt distribution would help them share the software with friends and fellow computer assistants. Gates felt the software as stealing because it was created to be sold not giving away. Gates wrote a letter stated that if you continue distribution without paying for it would overwrite good software from being introduced. The letter was unpopular for a while but Gates stood by what he believed in and he came to a disagreement with the company. Gates was very close with MITS program owner Ed Roberts. Roberts considered gates as a spoiled young man. Later on, Robert sold MITS to another company. Gates and Allen came to an agreement to sue the new owner of MITS to gain control over the program. The company industry began to grow, Bill was always on the road visiting the merits of Microsoft applications. He brought his mother Mary with him. Bill mother Mary was a highly respected member of several company bonds. Bill and Mary met the chief executive of IBM. The company IBM was looking for the software that could operate their new computer program in 1980. IBM was impressed by Bill and his company. The one problem was Microsoft had not invented a new program that could help them. Gates made a deal with Microsoft making them the licensed agent and owner of the program. The company sued Gates and Microsoft for holding the information they needed. At court Gates and Microsoft did not admit to doing anything wrong. Gates paid 50,000 the same price it was in its original form. Gates proposed IBM to pay for the copies of the software. By doing that allowed Microsoft to license the program? Later on, Microsoft released a new program called Soft card. Microsoft was going global by 1983 and with 30 percent of computers running their own program.During the time at Lakeside school Gates met Paul Allen, and he was a two year senior at the time. They became friends very fast bonding over the interest in computers. Bill was aggressive and feisty while Allen was self-contained and shy. The two spent much of their time working on programs together. Bill and Allen would come to a disagreement and argue over who should run the computer lab. At school, Bill and Paul had their computer privileges taken away for using the software glitches to have free computer time. After Bill and Allen got their privileges back, Gates made a payroll program for the computer company. At the age of fifteen, Bill and Paul went into business developing a program that monitored traffic patterns. Bill and Paul wanted their own company, but Gates parents wanted him to go to college and become a lawyer. Bill went to Harvard and Paul went to Washington State University, and they stayed in touch. Allen dropped out of college after attending two years and moved to Boston, Massachusetts, to work at Honeywell. Paul showed Bill a popular electronics magazine article on Altair eighty-eight hundred mini-computer kit.Bill and Steve Jobs rivalry is said to be well known. Apple and Microsoft shared many of their innovations. At the Apple was led by Steve who invited Microsoft to help develop software for Macintosh computers. Developers were involved in the development of Microsoft and Microsoft applications for Macintosh. The knowledge of sharing Microsoft was developing a MS-DOS system that used a mouse to drive a graphic interface, displaying text and images. It is different from a text-and-keyboard system where all text formatting showed the screen as code and what would not be printed. Bill recognized the threat, however, the software could position as Microsoft and MS-DOS. Gates advertising campaign announced a new Microsoft system was about to develop a graphic interface. It will be called Windows that would go with all PC products on MS-DOS system. The announcement was clearly a trick because Microsoft had no program under development. Marketing tactic was a genius idea but nearly thirty percent of computer programs were using MS-DOS system than change to a whole new system. After two years of waiting for Bill and Microsoft launched windows. Apple gave up Microsoft to work on programs compatible with Apple computer. Gates wanted Apple to license their software but they were interested in selling computers. Gates took advantage and created the software that was similar to Macintosh. Apple tried to sue him but Microsoft was not having it. It went so far they took it to court and the twist of the situation was the program was clearly different.Bill and his wife Melinda Gates confirmed the William H. Gates Foundation in 1994. The foundation supported education, world health, and investment. Bill became interested in a civic with the help of his wife Melinda. Bill followed the footsteps of his mother who studied the organization of American industrial titans with Andrew Carnegie and John Rockefeller. Bill and Melinda combined several foundations and made billions to form the Gates Foundations in 2000. Bill stepped down from the operations of Microsoft and let his friend Steve Ballmer take over the company. Steve was the chief software architect so he could focus on the passionate side of the business. The past few years, Bill was involved in the Gates Foundation that took up most of his time. Gates cut himself from his full-time to put more time into the foundation. His last day working at Microsoft was June 27, 2008. Bill stills put much of his time and energy into the Gates Foundation. The foundation itself helps students in the United States to be ready for college. The foundation launched their first annual Goalkeepers which is an examination made in important areas related to public health, child mortality, HIV, and malnutrition. During that time, Bill announced that two public health concerns are infectious and chronic disease should be dealt with over the years. Gates said he was working with Larry Page co-founder of Google to provide a universal flu vaccine. Bill said the funds would be two million dollars for those who are brave and innovative with an aim to begin clinical trials. Although people were complaining about the work, others were praised for their intentions.

Updated: Mar 11, 2022
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