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Beowulf was born with superhuman strength and the ability to do many things that a normal human cannot do. He was capable to do many breathtaking things such as swim to Grendel’s mother’s lair for hours and due to all of the astonishing journeys he went on he was praised and applauded by many people. Throughout time Beowulf learned many different fighting techniques that he was able to use during his battles. Due to all of his actions Beowulf’s name was glorified during the Anglo-Saxon period. The great journeys that he has accomplished made Beowulf more confident about himself and it developed him to know what he is capable of when he defeated Grendel, Grendel’s mother, and the dangerous dragon.

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Grendel Terrorizing Poor People

Beowulf is the powerful and glorious superhuman that could destroy any creature that came upon him. Most of the people would believe that nothing could destroy or defeat the mighty Beowulf. Only God could destroy him. Throughout the city of Herot winter was very cold and death started to travel around through the shadow of darkness, Grendel terrorizing the poor people with his sinful actions. In the text it states, “Then out of the night came the shadow-stalker, stealthy and swift” ( Heaney 611-612). Until they noticed that it was the evil Grendel doing those wicked things by terrorizing, frightening, and killing the innocent people from the city. Beowulf saw how badly it was affecting the city so he set his mind on destroying the inhuman creature.

Beowulf and his kinsmen heading forward to fight and defeat the Grendel. Beowulf’s men had the mindset to protect their lords life and it was believed that no weapon could hurt the wicked creature. Beowulf believed in fate that a person’s death is decided by God and only him. In the text it states, “Whichever one death falls must deem it a just judgment by God”(Heaney 440-441). After that he fights Grendel without any weapons until the mighty Beowulf injured his arm heading into his lair bleeding out and waiting for his last breath. Beowulf was rewarded with many trophies from Hrothgar. It states, “Beowulf and his men are awarded gold, jewels, swords, and armor for their reward”(Heaney 965-966). By going through that experience, Beowulf became more confident and stronger which made him believe that he was capable to do many things.

Beowulf Defeating Grendel’s Mother

Grendel’s mother came upon the news that her son had died and became desperate to avenge his death. Due to the rage that she had inside, she killed Hrothgar’s best friend and felt good about it. It states, “ So arise, my lord, and let us immediately set forth on the trail of this troll-dam”(Heaney 1390-1391). As Beowulf and his kinsmen went on a quest to look for Grendel’s mother’s lair, they felt very uncomfortable and frightened. The lair was very dark and deadly filled with unknown creatures who are not from earth but from hell. It states, “ They live in secret places..where mist steams like black clouds” (Heaney 1358-1361). The mighty Beowulf soon came upon Grendel’s mother and defeated her by killing her with her ancient sword. Beowulf was awarded the great sword, seven thousand hides of land, and the offer to become King. By Beowulf defeating Grendel’s mother, he felt as if he had the power and the capacity to defeat any creature that comes across him. Beowulf believed that he could defeat the dragon because he defeated Grendel & his mother. It states, “I risked my life Often when I was young. Now I am old, but as King of this people I shall pursue this fight” (Heaney Line 2511-2513). As Beowulf was fighting against the Dragon, Beowulf got bitten by the Dragon. The venom of the Dragon’s bite affected Beowulf which caused Beowulf to bleed out and die. As time was passing, Beowulf died because he could not handle the venom that was inside of him. It states, “Beowulf discovered deadly poison suppurating inside of him”(Heaney Line 2818-2820). Beowulf was not the superhuman as he once was in his young days and his old age was affecting him when he went up against the dragon. Beowulf throughout time has gotten weaker and was not as strong as he once was. The lost battle with Beowulf against the dragon was determined by fate destined by God. Even though Beowulf fell short from the defeat over the dragon, he was still glorified and highly praised by the Danes.

Anglo-Saxon Code of Honor

In Conclusion, Beowulf was always going to be remembered as a strong brave warrior. He went on many journeys that ended with Beowulf looking as a hero. Beowulf’s actions fit the Anglo-Saxon code of honor and that made him the hero that he was. Although, at the end the great Beowulf was shocked that his legacy ended, the poison that streamed through his body is the only thing that stopped him. From all the fights that he won by killing Grendel, Grendel’s mother, and the dragon this helped Beowulf improve as the hero that he was.

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