Benefits of Small Classes for Teachers and Students

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It has been a huge debate whether colleges should restrict the number of students in each classroom or not. Many people disagree with this idea, but there is a lot of evidence to demonstrate that it is better to limit the number of students in each classroom. So far, 24 states have proposed or implemented measures to reduce class size, but due to the high cost of maintaining such small classes, the current financial environment has forced them to reconsider this idea.

I strongly believe that Colleges should restrict the number of students in each class because that way students can get more feedback from their teachers, and they can connect with other students to improve performance.

One of the reasons why colleges should reduce class sizes is that students can get more feedback from their teachers. A small class leads to more one-on-one attention from the teacher. Most of the time classrooms are full of students and only one teacher. This issue limits students because not all of them can get the help that they need and not all schools have tutoring services available.

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According to Fremont College “More feedback from instructors results in a better and more effective experience”. (Fremont, 2019) By having smaller classes teachers have the ability to thoroughly read every students assignment and give them better feedback.

Another reason why colleges should reduce the number of students in each class is that students can connect more with other students. In smaller classes students have a better chance to get to know their classmates and benefit from their comments on their assignments.

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According to Method “instead of the student just being another face in the room, they’ll be more likely to develop deep and lasting relationships with the other classmates”. (Method, 2019) Smaller classes make students confident enough to speak and let out their ideas and to seek for help in their classmates resulting in a better performance.

Some people may oppose this idea because of valid reasons. One of them is the high cost of maintaining these small classes. Not all schools have the money and resources to pay for these services. This seems to be the only reason why someone would be not in favor of this idea. Reducing class sizes will also require more teachers and they may not be enough money to pay them. Again, the only thing making this idea not work is money. When talking about good education the price should not be a problem or the reason why it does not work.

In conclusion, the benefits of smaller classes outweigh the money spent in it. That is why colleges should definitely reduce the number of students in each class because it would benefit the schools, the student’s future, and the teachers ability to teach.

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