Ben Carson's Inspirational Journey: Overcoming Challenges for Success

Ben Carson lived with his mother and elder brother when he was 5th grade student. His performance in education was poor at school, and usually he got none mark. One time a student from his class teased him during break, so Ben beat him and principle called his mother to his office, Ben told that it was an accident. After that when his mother saw his poor grades she was shocked and Ben told that this school is more difficult than the previous one and he cannot do better, but his mother cheered him that he is smart and can achieve everything.

One thing is that he needed glasses, because he couldn’t see what is written on blackboard. Sometimes when he asked his mother how to read a particular word, she just told that she needs glasses. Then his mother came to psychological hospital to talk about her difficulties in life that she can’t read, doesn’t have a husband, so she was upset.

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In order to improve her children’ education and imagination her strategy was that they had to read two books a week and watch television as less as possible. Then Ben and his brother started to go to the library and watch intellectual programs on TV.

Moreover she told them to learn times tables in one week. Eventually his grades at school were much better, Ben was so happy and his mother was proud of him. However everybody didn’t like him at school, even one teacher humiliated him when he got certificate.

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His mother moved him to other school where people appreciate him. At last he entered to the university, where he studied to be a brain surgeon, then he again had difficulties on studying at university, so his girlfriend advised him some tips, and his mother that he doesn’t need a book, because he has everything in his brain.

After hard working he got an A mark from the exam of chemistry. He became the best brain surgeon in the world. He had a lot of difficult operations and about five surgeries to separate two heads that are stuck together from birth. Part 2 From this movie I have learned some good skills that are useful in a life. People should be confident, and they should know that can achieve everything. Reading is a key word for a success, the more reading you do then you can achieve your goal.

Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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