Kewauna And Marita Comparison Essay

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Have you ever wanted to prove somebody or even yourself that you could do better? Have you ever wanted to prove that you were better than what you were or where you came from? That’s what two girls named Kewauna and Marita wanted to do. Kewauna wanted to better her life with the OneGoal program, she took full advantage of her education by getting to know her professors and making them remember her, and anything she struggled with she made sure to study and pay extra attention to.

Marita also wanted to take advantage of her education instead of telling her mom that she couldn’t handle the KIPP Academy she toughed through it, even with a 10 hour school day she will go home and study more leaving her with no social life at all, she also goes to school on Saturdays and goes to school during the summer so she can go onto high school. Kewauna and Marita are similar because they are both very ambitious, they both went to successful preparatory schools, and they both come from troubled backgrounds.

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Kewauna and Marita are both ambitious because they give up a part of their lives in order to break the stereotype that children from poverty and bad situations can be just as successful as rich kids already given that opportunity. One example of Kewauna being ambitious is when she said “No matter how overwhelming it is, no matter how exhausting it is, I’m not going to give up.

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” Another example of the two being ambitious is when Marita was telling the interviewer about her schedule like it was something a normal kid would have and she had a completely calm demeanor about the whole thing. Another example for Marita is when she is doing her homework as soon as she gets home from school she goes straight to her homework and doesn’t really want to take a break from it, not even to eat.

Another comparison you can make between Marita and Kewauna is that they both went to strict prep schools. Kewauna went to a preparatory school by the name OneGoal, it was dedicated to turning extremely struggling students into college ready scholars. “Of the 128 students, including Kewauna, who started OneGoal as juniors at six Chicago high schools in the fall of 2009, ninety-six were enrolled in four-year colleges as of March 2012.” This proves that OneGoal is a fairly successful prep school. Marita went to a school called KIPP Academy where richer kids automatically had the upper hand because of the amount of money and lifestyle they were born into. The school was known for its ascendancy in math, and that may have caused Marita to major in Accounting now that she is in college.

The final comparison you can make between the two is that they both came from troubled backgrounds, poor families, and bad neighborhoods with little to no opportunities before KIPP and OneGoal. Kewauna had a very troubling childhood until OneGoal, she was arrested at 15 for punching a police officer and she was also homeless for a time in her life. She decided to change her life for the better and start doing better in school after a family intervention about her behavior. There is the only slight difference between Kewauna and Marita, Marita was not a problematic child like Kawauna she just is one of the unfortunate people born in a not-so-nice neighborhood which lessened her chances of being successful significantly. Luckily, for both of Marita and Kewauna they have beaten that stereotype to pieces and they both enrolled in higher education.

In conclusion, Marita and Kewauna can practically be twins. But in all seriousness, the two are strikingly similar in the way they have come up from practically nothing. They both went through some sort of program to help prepare them for their bright and shining future (KIPP and OneGoal). The two came up from the bottom and are on their way to the top of the top. Marita and Kewauna are role models for young girls in poverty and troubled homes that are constantly being reminded that they will never amount to anything. They tell them that if you are ambitious like me and you have plenty of work ethic you can get anywhere, you can do anything, you are unstoppable.

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