An Examination of the Film, The Gifted Hands Ben Carson Story

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The name of the film under evaluation is; The Gifted Hands: Ben Carson Story. This is an inspiration documentary, documented in the year 2009. The producers of the film include; Dan angel, Thomas carter, Laura Gibson, Erin Keating, Margaret Leosch, Lennox Parris, Lester Parris, David a Rosemont and Bruce Stein. They have a name for their good production of films. This film inculcates many characters. Among the many characters, there are several main characters that include Ben Carson, the main character, Sonya Robinson Carson, Ben’s mother, Candy Carson, Ben’s wife, Craig and Suan, a couple who persuaded Ben to carry out a critical surgery, Patrick Binder and Benjamin.

Thomas Carter is the director of the film.

Ben’s mother was a God fearing lady, who brought up her children in Christian doctrines, and taught them to revere God. Throughout the movie, the theme of spirituality or divine help is well expressed. From childhood, Ben’s parents taught him to seek God before any endeavor.

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From that, he learnt to seek God to intervene in his duty and surgeries. In fact, even in his studies Ben used to seek God that he may excel. An evidence situation is when Ben was scared of his papers, and knew that cramming would not help him do perform. He papers disturbed him to an extent that, at night he had dreams concerning questions applicable in the disciplines. To his surprise, when he got to the exam room, he found most of the questions on the papers.

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He later realized that it was the help of the Holy Spirit that intervened to help succeed.

Determination is another theme that is explicitly expanded in the movie. As the story unfolds, Ben appears as a person who had no good life style, and was not accepted in life. This is the theme most developed in the movie. Being brought up in a broken family and growing up under his mother who was not well up financially, Ben is less desirable in life. His mother had to do several odd jobs to earn a living to sustain herself and her two sons. With the odd jobs, the family had to shift residence and live in different areas. As a result of this, Ben and his brother had to change schools several times, which was not so healthy for their academics. It is at this point that they transferred to a school where the students had covered more in almost all disciplines than Ben and his brother. This resulted to them having no idea on several things that the tutors were asking. The other children in the class realized that Ben did not know and that teased him. They thought that Ben was dumb, not realizing that it was because he had not covered those concepts. Being teased as the dumbest student could discourage Ben, but on the contrary, he took that as a challenge to motivate him. This clearly portray determination because, for a young boy to be laughed at and teased by colleagues, mostly lead to low self-esteem.

Ben was determined to excel, thus could not let anything come between him and excellence. He then dedicates his life to reading with motivation from his mother and emerges to be the brightest student. Determination is also seen in Ben’s mother. Despite the fact that she is a divorcee, she does not give up in life. Instead, she strives to bring up her children and educate them. She also portrays determination through encouraging her son. She was confident that her son will come to be successful. With all the underlying factors, it took determination for Sonya, to keep encouraging her son to work hard. Another show of determination in this movie is Ben’s daringness to carry out operations that naturally had slim survival chances. Even though, records had that such surgical operations were unlikely successful, Ben took the challenge to try.

Racism is demonstrated in the film through the discrimination that Ben faces in school. Some people are considered better than others on the basis of their skin color and origin. Ben was an Africa American. Therefore, he was looked down upon in the society. This can clearly be seen in class when the white children were calling him the dumbest. According to them, Ben, being a black person had lesser capacity than they did. Nobody from the blacks was considered equal with the whites. This was a great challenge that Ben had to deal with as he grew to adulthood. A good example is when Ben emerges top in his class. The white tutor is seen scolding the other children after Ben’s excellent performance. The tutor quarrels them on the basis that, a black child has beaten them in class. This implies that, the whites were meant to do better in academics than their black counterparts. This theme is developed throughout the movie from Ben’s childhood to his work place.

In conclusion, Gifted Hands is an inspirational story, about Ben Carson. This story is designed to encourage young people whose life does not seem appealing. It is a very educative movie. The viewers learn that, it is not the background that determines whom one becomes, but the dedication to becoming what one wants. Ben had a background that did not give him access to good things because of race and family history, but this did not work for his downfall. Despite the odds in Ben’s life, he managed to do what nobody else had ever done. Therefore, young people are encouraged to rise above the odds in their lives and excel. People learn with the lives of others; thus viewers learn with a practical example of Ben Carson.

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