Bell Hooks Or Gloria Jean Watkins

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Bell Hooks Or Gloria Jean Watkins

Bell Hooks real name is Gloria Jean Watkins. She is a feminists and social activist. She got the name “bell hooks” from her grandmother. Her hooks come from race, capitalism, and gender. She is also known for addressing race, class and gender through her education, art, history, and mass media. In this essay I will be answering questions 1,3

Some of the characteristic that hooks possess that tells us she was going to become a writer was when she told us that her whole life was revolved around writing.

That’s why she is very familiar with what makes writing important and the characteristics of a good writing essay and or book. She also shows us the boundaries of academic writing and how it doesn’t have to be so precise and restrictive. As well as her putting high importance on the way things are written.

The way that I responded to hooks statement about "There are no binding limitations; everything can be held or left behind -- race, gender, class.

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" Is in a positive way because who you are or what you are shouldn’t matter towards your writing. She even encourages to people to write exactly what they feel so they could be heard. She wants their writing to reach out to everyone, not just the topic of people of what the essay is about. As well as her wanting you to create it for peoples knowledge, speak emotion, and for it to motive others.

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Like she’s said “it is the experience of writing that matters” and that’s why there isn’t any blinding limitations of who you are and what your work has to show for.

Instances in life where this seems true would be towards maybe little kids in kindergarten because they see another kind regardless of their race, gender, or class and they still oversee that and talk to them and become friends. That’s what it should all about because once we get older we do start to look at those characteristics when there still shouldn’t be a need because everyone is human and something like the color of their race shouldn’t matter.

In conclusion, I really like how hooks she says that your writing doesn’t need to have boundaries of academics to be a good essay or even be precise, she has a very open mind which allows a flow of ideas.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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