Bad Habits That Restricts You From Losing Weight

If you are on the mission of shedding all the extra pounds in three months or so but are clueless on how to achieve this, then you have landed at the right page and at the right time. Merely following a restricted diet schedule and stressing on workout sessions are not going to bring quick results as you expect. There are a whole lot of other things to do in order to make things work. Perhaps you need to rethink on the pattern of habits you have been undertaking in the whole procedure of weight-loss.

You might be ignoring some of your poor habits that without your knowledge is hampering all of your efforts of staying in shape.

So, this post is going throw some light on those blunders that you need to shun immediately to make your weight-losing plan work well. Let’s get into the details of those things.

Not drinking plenty of water

Water or H20 plays a crucial part in helping the body to shed those extra pounds.

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How? When you drink more and more water, your stomach stays full for a particular span of time, thus suppressing your appetite. Consequently, this prevents you from overeating, which is generally a big, big reason to gain weight. Moreover, when you are thirsty, it is advisable to drink water instead of sodas and soft drinks as these sweet drinks tend to add up a high amount of calories and spoil your weight-loss game.

Ignoring the high-protein diet

The more health advisors, dieticians and nutritionists you meet, the one advice you see in common is relying more on high-protein diets to shed more pounds.

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The scientific reason behind this healthy suggestion is very straight-forward and comprehensible. The body exerts more energy to metabolize or burn proteins compare to carbs. The more the energy used for metabolism, the less fat is going to accumulate in your body. This process is termed as dietary thermogenesis. So, hope now you have understood why it is important to include foods with high-protein content in your meals.

A disturbing sleep pattern

A complete and uninterrupted 8-9 hours sleep is absolutely requisite to maintain good health. Healthy sleep pattern is also linked to slimming. Sleeping less than 4 hours or a troubled nap brings changes in hormone secretions and consequently alters your appetite. If you don’t feel hungry and don’t eat at the right time you will end up feeling fatigued and restless. And, again all of these are connected with your goal of becoming fit and slender.

Sitting for stretched hours at a desk

Yes, another big yet unavoidable reason that is making you gain weight is sitting all day at your work. You may think that this can't be true as you are involved in solid exercising practising every day. But, the sad part is yes, this is true. Being sedentary in front of the computer for long hours restrain the built of lipase, a fat-inhibiting enzyme. The key suggestion here would be to take 3-5 minutes of break after every hour as it would help the body to burn those unwanted calories.

Now that you know what those obstacles are in your path of “stay-in-shape” mission, it is time to take some stringent steps to avoid them completely. Simply say “No” to the bad habits that you have been indulged all this time and achieve your dreams of becoming fit and slim.

Author Bio:…is a dietician and the leading product manager of Niwali, a premium brand selling all kinds of nutritional supplement to support the health of people of all age groups. You can buy Tejocote Root online, its newly launched natural supplement to help you lose weight.

Updated: Dec 13, 2021
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