Automation of Clearance Management System


Wollega University is one of the public greater instructional organizations developed at Nekemte in 2007. It lies 331 km West of Addis Ababa at the outskirt of Nekemte town on the 150 hectares of land surrounded by evergreen forest and natural scenery of landscape, and amazing view of install Komto. At present, the University runs 47 undergraduate and 5 graduate programs in 3 various schools at Nekemte, Gimbi and Shambu towns. WU is an innovative organization and a pioneer University to present constant assessment, student focused & & active learning in the teaching-learning arena to revolutionaries the conventional approaches of mentor by promoting the communicative mentor approach and totally carrying out the continues evaluation strategy.

Today, WU is an extensive University participated in the provision of all rounded education, research and neighborhood service.

In all schools which are, Nekemt which is the primary school and shambu and Gimbi which are branch; Students should meet the proper clearance treatment at the end of each academic year or Kiremt session or upon graduation or when they withdraw or leave.

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Every trainee should gather four copies of the Clearance Type from the Faculty/School Registrar System. After correctly completing such forms and getting them signed by the proper offices, the trainee needs to submit two copies to the faculty/college registrar system, and keep the third with him/her.

In university there are 9 offices which are responsible to check's the status of an individual(clear or not) from the university resource or services these offices are pointed out below:- Department, Libraries, Food service, student service, Store keeper, Dorm room, Financing, WU Cops Station and Registrar office.

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Purpose of the project

The purpose of the project entitled “Automation of Clearance management System” is to study the current system and develop a windows application that automates the clearance circulation system. In view of the fact that the existing system is manual, which is paper based, charging and discharging of clearance, keeping records of eligible users, and collecting overdue fines is a tedious work and the circulation desk assistants are tired. Moreover, this manual system makes difficult for both the desk assistants and the registrar circulation head to prepare monthly and annual report since they have to go through each and every document manually to prepare the reports.

Therefore, taking the above situations into consideration the proposed system will solve the above problems by automating the clearance circulation system in a manner that is efficient and easy to use.

Objective of the project

A. General Objective

The general objective of this project is to automate the existing manual system of clearance circulation for wollega university students.

B. Specific objectives

The specific objectives of this project are:

  • To automate the manual registration of members.
  • To automate generation reports about members.
  • To automate works of clearance.
  • To provide efficient renewal of clearance services
  • To automate updating of clearance and members information.

Scope of the project

A very large number of students get Clearance for many purposes.

Wolega University is one such premier institute to give such services.

The system being proposed is an automated system where all the conditions are in compatibility to the real situations, which happen in performing the operations at the institute.

The project automates the workings of the institutes operations considering all the courses.

Proposed System


The proposed system will be a server based application which allows different employee of the register like manager head, registrar desk assistance and Technical Processing Unit to access its features. It helps also, library workers, dormitory workers and department head to access its features .Moreover, the system will have graphical user interfaces that enable the users to interact with the system easily and friendly. In addition to these, the system will have better performance and security features and let users know errors by displaying appropriate error message.

Functional Requirements

The proposed system gives the following functions:

  • Maintain complete information about registrar users like: Member Name, Member Id, Member Department, Member Address, Member Class Year and Program by using Add Member, Update Member and Cancel Membership operations.
  • Maintain complete information about student clearance services and give clearance form to students at any time.
  • Enable the dormitory and library workers to update, search and provide penalty (whose have d/t problem) of student data.
  • Enable department, registrar workers, polies and the Technical Processing Unit to search student information in list of the database.
  • Enable the department Head and library Assistant to generate different types of report. .
  • Create, delete, and update accounts for each member.

Non Functional Requirements

User Interface and Human Requirements

The system has easily manageable and user friendly interface which help users to accomplish their tasks without difficulty and therefore:

  • Users interact with the system through graphical user interface
  • The navigational schema is flexible.
  • The interface appearance is attractive and easy to adapt (like background and text colour).
  • The forms are user friendly, easy feeling and don’t need any extensive training.
  • The system requires users to have basic computer knowledge.

Hardware Requirements

  • Recommended hardware requirements for client side
  • Processor speed: 2.0GHz
  • RAM size: 512MB
  • Hard disk size: 40GB
  • Recommended hardware requirements for server side
  • Processor speed: 3.6GHz
  • RAM size: 1GB
  • Hard disk size: 120GB

System Models

№Description of Actors

  • Registrar: are persons like responsible for Students clearance service like: search student And sign the clearance for free of problems.
  • Polies: are persons responsible for checking the student (free from any problems) when they are living or entering the campus.
  • Dormitory: is person responsible for recording the problems and updating of problems and generate small clearance for student.
  • Department: is a person responsible for controlling the overall activities of the clearance like: create account, delete account, add student, delete student, update student and the like.
  • Library workers: is a person responsible for searching student, updating for material, take penalty and sign for clearance.

Description of Use Cases

Use Case Name: Login

Actors: Registrar, Polies, Dormitory, Department, Library workers Description: This use case allows the above actors to log in to the system Pre-condition: The above actors must have username and password Post-condition: If the username and password are correct, the user is logged into the system Flow of Events:

  1. The user wants to login
  2. The system display Login form
  3. The user enters his/her username and password
  4. The system validates the username and password and checks for his/her privilege [Alternative4]
  5. The user will be logged in the system in his/her own privilege. Alternative4 [the user enters invalid username and/or password]:

The user will not be logged in and “Incorrect username or password” message will be displayed.

The user is required to re-enter the username and password [go to step 3]

Use Case Name: dormitory

Actors: protectors

Description: This use case allows the protector to store information for members of the student information. Pre-condition: The protector must be logged in to the system Post-condition: If successful, the system updates students and materials information. Flow of Events:

  1. The protector wants to update student’s things for which they create problems
  2. The system display protector Form
  3. The protector enters studid and materials he/she problem with and Click on ok [Alternative3]
  4. The system records the current time from the system, calculates the due date.

The system acknowledges

Alternative3 [the protector enters invalid studid and/or material information. 3.1. The material is not be updated for the student and, “invalid studid and material information” message will be displayed 3.2. The protector is required to re-enter studid and material information [go to step 3]

Use Case Name: library

Actor: library workers

Description: This use case allows the library workers to check the books returns. Pre-condition: The library workers must be logged in to the system Post-condition: If successful, the system updates the book and generates “successfully updated “message. Flow of Events:

  1. The library worker wants to update book.
  2. The system display library form
  3. The library workers enters studid and clicks on search button [Alternative3]
  4. The system displays the list of books this member has borrowed
  5. The library workers selects book information this member has borrowed and click on Delete button [Alternative5]
  6. The system updates member and book information and acknowledges. Alternative3 [the library workers enters invalid stud id]:

“Invalid studid” message will be displayed

The library workers is required to re-enter studid [go to step 3] Alternative5: [the student has not returned the book on the due date]

“Overdue Information” message information will be displayed and the record will not be deleted.

The library workers is required to re-enter studid [go to step 3] Alternative6: [the student has not returned then book and pay penalty]

“Report to “store management” to pay book/money is transferred to finance database” message information will be displayed and the record will be deleted

3Use Case Name: Add student

Actor: registrar record office

Description: This use case allows the registrar record office to add students Pre-condition: The registrar record office must be logged in to the system Post-condition: If successful, the system records student information. Flow of Events:

  1. The registrar record office wants to record student information
  2. The system display registrar record office form
  3. The registrar record office enters student information and click on ok [Alternative3]
Updated: Feb 22, 2021
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