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The Passport Application System for Indian Nationals is being automated with a user-friendly interface and a strong back-end support. Every citizen of India who wishes to apply for his/her passport has to create a personal login account by registering himself/herself at first. From thereon, he/she can access the forms for the application process by logging in with the username and password for authentication. The passport applicant can apply either by: Normal application mode or Tatkal mode. Opting for the tatkal scheme costs the applicant an additional fee amount of Rs.

1000/- besides extra document proof submission.

We basically have two categories of applicants: Fresh Passport Applicants Passport Renewal Applicants The applicants who are seeking their renewals must fill up an additional form regarding their old passport details. All the details entered by the applicants are validated upon submission and recorded in the database. The applicants have to scan and upload their original documents for proofs of citizenship, address, educational background, occupation, etc.

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The final step would be payment of the passport application fee that would be computed automatically based on the modes and category of applicant.

After the payment is successfully carried out, an appointment date would be generated for in-person verification of the applicant by the passport authorities. A receipt slip would be generated as an acknowledgement for the completion of passport application process. SRS: 1. LOGIN/REGISTRATION: a. Basic Description . Users have to create their own login account by registering themselves. After filling up the registration form, the users can login to their account by entering username and passport for validation.

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b. Basic Flow:

. New users will be directed to a registration page asking them to fill up the details like Name, DOB and other such trivial details. Filling up all the fields will be mandatory. Pre-Conditions: None Post-Conditions: After login, user will be prompted to choose the mode of applications. c. Alternative Flow: . If the user fails to login due to invalid username/password, the login screen will be reloaded again and again. Even if this doesn’t work, the user can try registering afresh.

This usecase prompts the applicant to decide on either of the 2 application modes- normal or tatkal. b. Basic Flow . Entering into the normal mode will open up the application form directly. Pre-Conditions: Successful login with appropriate username and password. Post-Conditions: The applicant has to pay the passport fees according to the choice of application mode in a later stage. c. Alternative Flow . If the applicant chooses tatkal, an alert message is displayed indicating that additional charges are applicable. The flow resumes displaying the normal application form.

Application Form: a. Basic Description . The applicant has to fill in all the mandatory fields in the given application form. Valid details are to be filled up without any ambiguity. b. Basic Flow . The applicant has to manually type in all the particulars required. Pre-Conditions: The applicant has to make his choice of mode of application. Post-Conditions: The form is subjected to validations. c. Alternative Flow . If the user wishes to terminate the session of form filling and proceed later, he can do so by quitting the process.

If the user wants to renew his passport (i. e. not a fresh applicant), previous passport details are to be filled in for validation. b. Basic Flow . The renewal seekers are required to fill in their old passport details like Passport no, Date of Issue, Date of Expiry and Place of Issue Pre-Conditions: A valid old passport is to be produced to fill in the details. Post-Conditions: Authentication is done for the old passport existence before payment. c. Alternative Flow . None. 5. Document Submission: a. Basic Description

Original documents need to be provided for various authentications by the passport authorities. b. Basic Flow . Scan the documents using a scanner and upload them to the database. This usecase validates the proofs of citizenship, address, education details, marital status and other such trivial details. Pre-Conditions: Valid documents like Birth Certificates, Licenses, Ration Cards, Bank Passbook, etc. Post-Conditions: Matching the submitted documents with the no of proofs required and validating. c. Alternative Flow . If the documents are insufficient, an alert message is displayed.

Otherwise, no alternative flow here. 6. Fee Payment: a. Basic Description . The pre-computed payable amount is displayed in the form and payment options are displayed. b. Basic Flow . The payment is calculated based on the mode chosen (normal or tatkal) and the charges are listed explicitly. Payment is done here. Pre-Conditions: Completion of all forms and proper modes chosen already. Post-Conditions: Payment gateway is opened and receipt would be generated. c. Alternative Flow . Quit option to pay later on.

Basic Description . This is the final step in passport automation process. A receipt is generated with an appointment date generated along with final application summary. b. Basic Flow . The generated receipt can either be printed (saved) to a file or directly printed using a printing device. Pre-Conditions: Full payment for passport is done. Post-Conditions: A valid receipt is generated as a proof of having completed the passport process. He/she has to visit the passport office in person on the appointment date allotted for final authentication.

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Passport automation system
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