Attitudes and Emotions of the Typical QuikTrip Employee

How do these attitudes and emotions influence the employees' work behaviors? The criteria that QuickTrip built its business strategy on was to provide customers with high quality products and excellent service. The hiring process focused on finding extroverts with a strong work ethic that are genuinely friendly, efficient and smart. Customers would feel more welcomed as a person rather than just a customer, which would build a relationship with the store. These attitudes and emotions will establish a positive atmosphere at work which will result in excellent customer service.

QuickTrip's employees will be the hero to each and every customer that walks in that door. Also that's not all, in order to create a functional team, these employees are trained to be a team player, and learn to have humility in order to learn from one another. (Nelson & Quick, pg 158) How would you describe the attitudes of Chester Cadieux regarding QuikTrip's employees? What implications do Cadieux's attitudes have for how he manages the company and leads the employees?

Based on Organizational Behavioral Theory, I believe Chester Cadiex's attitude toward QuickTrip's employees are based upon his personality.

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Chester's personality can be measured as the Executive Personality. As such, Chester values embraces the values of honesty, dedication and dignity. He is able to make decisions objectively, have things organized, and is realistic in creating goals. For example, Chester mentions that 'QuickTrip is obsessed with keeping stores clean and is stocked with the most popular items while providing a rewarding customer experience overall. (Nelson & Quick, pg 96)

How might the employees' attitudes and emotions influence how they deal with customers from an ethical perspective? Employee attitudes and emotions may influence how they act toward customers.

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Ethical behavior is acting in ways that align with one's personal values and social norm values. Employee attitudes and emotions should be positive and fair and not look for personal gain from the workplace or customers. If employees have negative attitudes and emotions, they would treat customers differently and could impact the business.

Updated: Feb 19, 2021
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