Attachment Report Bsc Hon Comp Science (Afrosoft Holdings Limited)

This report serves to provide the reader with a summary of the third year industrial attachment showing the work and research done in the field of software engineering whilst at Afrosoft Holdings (Ltd. ). It also highlights the experience gained during this same time.

This is a report on the one-year industrial attachment program held in the third -year of study as part of the 4-year Bachelor Of Science Honors degree in Computer Science program at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST), starting 2nd of July 2012 at Afrosoft Corporation.

In the first chapter of this report, an introduction to Afrosoft as a corporation is made, giving the organizational structure of the company, and the company’s product brand. The services provided by the company are also noted in this chapter.

The second chapter focuses upon the methodologies settled upon by Afrosoft, and focus is made on the Microsoft Solutions framework which the company uses extensively. The following chapter then gives an insight on the three-tier software architecture that Afrosoft has concentrated upon.

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A brief discussion of other types of architectures is also given. Technologies used most at the company are discussed next in the fourth chapter. These include technologies used in the past, and technologies being used in newer projects.

Following this chapter is one on data access components and Microsoft SQL server, which are used by Afrosoft in almost all of its products. After this is a chapter on the projects that the author participated in at the company, detailing the responsibilities assigned and the technologies learnt from each of them.

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Beyond that, the remaining chapters discuss what was learnt during the attachment period and an overall outlook on the experience gained. Acknowledgements Great thanks go to all the staff at Afrosoft Corporation, and especially to the Software Development Department.

I wish to extend my sincerest gratitude to the noted persons, the Software Development immediate manager Mr. Movement Musasiwa, for your motivation, support, patience and mentoring. Software Developers in the department, Tanyaradzwa Chamarime, Brighton Chaparadza, Gerry Vhera, Edson Jengwa, Joseph Bodzo and Kurai Mombeshora. My learning from you will surely be a cornerstone for my success and achievement in the IT field and in all facets of life, your support and team spirit remains a debt to me . Indeed I owe you my heartfelt gratitude. Thank you team!!!

.Also special thanks to my family who always showed their love and support through-out this period. Many thanks are also extended to all fellow students on attachment. I also express gratitude to Mr. K. Sibanda and Mrs. S. S. Dube, my industrial attachment co-ordinaters. Last but not least of all praise and thanks be to God the Almighty for his protection and loving guidance. Thank you all. List of Tables Table 2. 1:Models under Microsoft solutions Framework21 List of Figures Figure 1. 1: Organizational structure5 Figure 1. 2: Product Brand9 Figure 1. 3: Older AfroPACK Products11 Figure 1.

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