Arguments for abortion and against abortions

The related topic between the four articles listed below is abortion. There will always be an argument for abortion and against abortions. As a women, I can relate to both sides; pro-choice and pro-life. The fact that the government is trying to take away the choice for an abortions, raises a lot of questions to me. Why shouldn’t women have a choice? Krause, K. W. (2011, July-August). Abortion’s still unanswered questions.

The Humanist, 71(4), 40+.

Kenneth W. Krause is a contributing editor to “The Good Book.

” He is known as a humanist. Krause is also known for putting hot subjects under fire. The related topic is about abortions. His article puts the unanswered questions about abortion on the spotlight in the article listed above. In Krause’s article, he questions what exactly “we” know about abortions. KAMINER, W. (2000).

Abortion and Autonomy.

The American Prospect, 11(14), 40

Wendy Kaminer is a writer and a lawyer. She mainly writes her books based on social issues and feminism issues.

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Kamier’s article “Abortion and Autonomy” points out the ways the laws have both protected abortion and pushed against them. The article shows both opinions about pro-choice and pro-life. Kaminer truly believes the feminist movement has been “fractured”. She also makes points in her article about how the law has had an influence on abortions. McBride, A. December 2006. Roe v. Wade (1973).

Alex McBride is a third year law student at Tulan Law School. He currently is clerking with Judge Susan Braden in Washington. McBrides article, Roe v.

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Wade (1973), he explains the process in 1973 to keep abortion legal. Norma L McCovey (Roe) claimed Texas criminalizing Roes right to have an abortion. She said the law was unconstitutional to her rights. McCovey’s rights were protected by the constitution. However, there were guidelines set to specifically define whether a woman can have an abortion.

Joseph, C. (2011). Dems Spoiling for Planned Parenthood Fight. National Journal. Cameron Joseph is a young political journalist. He is currently working in Washington D.C writing about the re-election of Obama. The article listed above is about the republicans “defunding” Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood is an organization that provides birth control and also performs abortions. Indiana officials say that taking funding for Medicaid to fund Planned Parenthood is illegal. “To prevent pregnancy or abortions, why don’t we fund organizations that provide birth control to prevent abortions?”

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Arguments for abortion and against abortions

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