Are You Still Watching? 

Cable is a thing of the past in most households, now that there are less expensive and more fulfilling options. Netflix is has opened more opportunity for people to view different types of movies and shows around the world. Netflix created a new market that helps filmmakers and people around the world to find new entertainment. If someone wanted to entertain themselves with a new show or movie all they need to do is scan the vast movies, shows and more that Netflix has to offer.

You can see the strength and versatility of the company from its history and growth over the years. As cable television fazes out the demand for quality entertainment is at a rise and the different apps and websites that have these features available are very different and aren’t in great supply. The only true question is would Netflix be a matter of necessity or luxury in one’s household.

To most people with kids transferable and easy entertainment is defiantly a necessity.

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The demand, costs of production and the overall market defiantly play into Netflix’s overall success. Netflix is considered the world’s leading internet entertainment service with 139 million paid memberships in over 190 countries enjoying TV series. There are so many different shows available on Netflix. There are documentaries, comedies, action, romance, foreign films and much more across a wide variety of languages. When you’re a Netflix member one can watch as many shows and movies as they want, anytime, anywhere and on any screen in the house or even a phone or tablet.

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Depending on your package you can view it on different mediums all at the same time. As a members one can play, pause and resume watching tv shows and movies, all without commercials. It all started with online movie rentals in 1997 when Reed Hastings and software executive Marc Randolph co-found Netflix.

Then in 1998 they started the first DVD rental and sales site. The business blossomed and in 1999 Netflix debuted subscription service offering unlimited rentals for a set price. The business continued to grow and become more innovative with time, in 2000 they introduced a system that helped make suggestions for their members based off previously rented selections giving people new alternatives they are sure to enjoy. Netflix itself has grown so much over the years and it continues to grow with time. In 2007 they introduced streaming which allowed its members to watch television shows and movies instantly. Since then Netflix has grown to incorporate new shows and movies as well as create new shows and movies that people are going crazy for. Netflix has done nothing over the years but grow and become more and more user friendly and adaptable.

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