Animals Cruelty is Unnecessary Suffering

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Animal cruelty is an act of violence or neglect that causes suffering or death to an animal in many ways. Animal cruelty should be stopped. It is wrong to inflict suffering on any living creature. Animal cruelty comes in many forms from not feeding them, giving them shelter, breeding, experimenting, force fights, abandonment, and abusive owners, fashion industries, cosmetics, and circuses. It is common that a person abusing an animal was or is a victim of violence themselves, It’s often committed by a person who feels rejected or powerless.

People usually tend to get aggressive, abusive towards animals first and then animals just to feel in control and in power. There’s also people who feel powerful by getting money out of them, like taking their fur away and making clothing or just experimenting on them to help sicknesses or sell makeup.

The most common animal cruelty is abandonment, “people think a cat or dog can survive on its own outside, but it is very tough for a dog to survive.

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Although cats can hide and hunt rodents and small animals both of their life span can be shortened”(Alex Cukan). Dogs and cats are different but are it easier for cats to hide in small places, and dogs aren’t as lucky it is harder for them to also get food. The reason people decide to abandon their animals is because they don’t like their behavior, they also don’t want to pay for their injuries or sickness.

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Most common investigations involved animals without food, water, shelter, underweight, and owners who don’t want to pay sick or injuries.

The cruelty complaints received related to 15,568 different types of animal cruelty per year”(p.30). Each year there are about 1 million animals who are abused or killed by domestic violence. It is understandable that people don’t really have the time or money to be giving the animals what they need, but if they know they can’t give them what they need why not just give them to another family/ new home. Another thing would be breeding because it is considered life-threatening to the new baby coming to life, some examples of things that can happen or cause are blindness, deafness, heart problems, and skin problems. Instead of keep trying to breed animals we should just neuter them because there are a lot of pups and cats out there without a home and all we get out of breeding them is money for them.

There are some people who keep and keep on breeding dogs even when they can’t handle it no more and then toss them away like nothing because they aren’t worth anything to them. In 2008 dogfighting became a felony because they forced dogs to fight each other and sometimes kill each other. Dogfighting is where they put the toughest dogs to fight and see who is the strongest and people go watch this for entertainment. There are dogs who are scared of humans because they have lost that trust in us because there have been others who have tortured them and all they see are monsters even the ones who have done nothing. There isn’t just animal abuse in our neighborhood but also in farms.

They either abuse a horse for not making tricks or a dog for not herding the sheep or a chicken that won’t shut up or gets in the way.“Violence against animals also can be part of a pattern of violence against people.”(paragraph18). There are some people who start off abusing animals at a very early age because they want to be in control, and their parents don’t pick up on how bad their aggression is. These aggressions are more common for males, and in my opinion, it is worse because males are stronger than females and are capable of doing more harm to animals.

“Among the findings, 94% were committed by males; 31% by perpetrators age 18 and younger and 21% involved family violence as well. (P.14)”. There has been research that people usually start being cruel to these animals and then when they feel in power then they continue with humans most likely family. The people who have been caught abusing their animals get charged and sometimes if it is that bad they get imprisonment. Animal cruelty law also says “who commits this crime may be prosecuted”. In the cases that there has been they have found a male abusing his partner and their pets found almost nearly dead.

We all use clothes every day but do we ever think about what animal it came from? Yes even in the fashion industries animal cruelty exist and who knows if they got the skin or fur from an exotic, wild, our everyday animal or even reptiles. The animals they use are rabbits, minks, goats, foxes, crocodiles, alpacas, llamas, even cats and dogs just to make luxurious outfits. In china it is common to skin animals alive that’s why 80% of the fur comes from china. They get feathers from ducks, geese, and swans they either take their feathers out while they are still alive or when they finish killing them. If the bird is still alive and try to escape they break their limp in the process. There is about an estimate of 250,000 live plucking a year.

When they see an animal that is going extinct like for example koalas that’s when they start caring about them but not because they feel bad but because they see only how it affects them. With cosmetics, the only animals they use for testing are hamsters, rats, guinea pigs, mice, and rabbits. Companies don’t have to use animal testings but the reason they decide to is so they can find new ingredients and make the makeup betterThe reason they experiment on them is because they want to see if it causes skin, eye, or lip irritation or swelling. There are around 100,00-200,00 animals around the world that suffer or die trying on these cosmetics. There have been many companies who have stopped using animals and are now animal cruelty-free, but there are still some that use them just to make their products better. If companies just stuck to existing cosmetic ingredients there will never have animal cruelty. There are limits for these testing but it all depends what or how much the animal can take. These cosmetics may not always be so accurate but there is a very low percentage that it can affect people’s skins.

There are some people that don’t see this as a big deal but these little things matter from cutting a rhino’s horn, elephant teeth, taking cheetahs, or tigers fur etc. If you really think about it we don’t need these things we just use them to decorate our beds, living room or our outfits. Now I will be talking about what type, what it means and why animal testing should be stopped. “Animal testing is carried out to determine how certain chemicals, drugs, and other products might affect humans (gale2020). The reason they use animals for experimentation is that some of them have the same diseases, sickness that we humans get, and the way they experiment on them are for example: they first inject them with the virus and then use drugs or treatments to cure them and then give it to us humans to get better.

These testings are causing animal deaths scientists experiment on them and when they see that the animals can’t keep ongoing they put them to sleep and then bring in another one. We should stop animal experimentation, yes we benefit from it but animals don’t we should find another way to find a cure even if scientists prefer to work on animals it should be stopped because what we humans are doing isn’t right. “Dogs are used in the testing of products such as lipsticks, anti-dandruff shampoo, and even steroids. Dogs have been burned so badly in the testing of sunscreen that they’ve had to put down. (P38)” instead of using animals we should be using more natural products, there are shops that are vegan and they are animal cruelty-free.

If the reason why we are using animals for testing is because they are 90% similar to humans then why don’t we just use humans to be 100% accurate? The reason we don’t use humans is because it’s not right and because nobody would like to be experimented on and the reason why we use animals is because they have to say in this so we take advantage of them. Animals are still living creatures and nobody should be feeling the way they are. I mean who would want to feel that burning sensation in their skin knowing that, that will be the last feeling they will feel. animals have a right to live life without suffrage, pain and we as humans should respect that. They don’t just put chemicals on animals for experimentation but also to make them gain more weight and it doesn’t just affect them but also the way we eat.

Putting chemicals in their bodies that then we will end up consuming. There are some ways to stop animal cruelty and there are also laws towards animal cruelty. The main thing you should do is just not be mean to your pet and always provide them with food, water, shelter, etc. When you see anyone abusing an animal call for help or stand up because you will never know if he is also or soon will be abusing people too. If you don’t see but suspect something about a person being an abuser it is also important to report it. There are two ways to report animal cruelty you can either call the number or file an anonymous report but some will or may be confidential. Our president Trump has signed a law making animal cruelty a federal crime.

In the circus they also abuse their animal, for example, they abuse elephants, tigers, lions, camels, etc. These animals have to train everyday, transport and perform. They will live their lives in close contact with humans in a very stressful environment. The animals spend 96% of their lives in chains or cages. The objects they use to abuse the animals are tight collars, muzzles, electric prods, bullhooks and other painful tools. The lions and tigers learn to obey because they are afraid of being whipped. Tigers naturally fear fire and they are forced to jump through fire hoops and sometimes end up burning themselves while practicing. The elephants are often beaten with bullhooks, or something with a hook at the end until they bleed just because they can’t stand on their heads. When they aren’t performing or training they are just kept in their cages with not enough space for them to move. When they are transporting their cages don’t get cleaned they eat very filthy and poorly ventilated. Once these animals join the circus they start becoming depressed and sometimes hurt themselves or start acting abnormally. They become so stressed out they become mad and hurt one another and just don’t know what to do. These animals are so traumatized and there has been times where the animals attack and this isn’t safe for them nor for us because these attacks can get very extreme. Yes, the circus must be fun to watch but it is taking away animals’ freedom the ability to run and play as they please.

As I explained animal cruelty comes in many ways and they sometimes may not seem like it, but in real life they are. By doing this research it shows how selfish we can get putting ourselves first than them when they have been doing nothing but just live their lives. Animal cruelty is so unnecessary and very harmful. If we keep this up it might even or is already causing animal extinction. We should really think about our decisions and what the consequences will be, because we will never know when or what animal will be extinct next. I don’t think we should be skinning animals alive. Why not just wait until they die when they can feel no pain. We should really save these poor animals from being tortured every day because that is no way to live.

There are different ways to get feathers, skin and fur from the animals, if it means to wait till they die then we should wait. Also there are cosmetics that are vegan and work wonderfully, they work the same as the ones that are using animals for testing. Believe it or not but we actually have the power to cause any animal extinction, doesn’t matter from what part of the world we are all still humans and we have so much control. These abuses in the circus need to stop. It is so unnecessary to be abusing an animal just for entertainment, if abusing an animal means to have a circus then they should stop or band it. Last but not least animals do have the right to stand up for themselves we should not nor ever let them suffer this much because it is awful and really painful.

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Animals Cruelty is Unnecessary Suffering
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