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Angelina Jolie

“Example is not the main thing in influencing others, it’s the only thing. ” –Albert Scheweitzer. This quote could be interpreted as if you’re doing a good example; people could look at it the right way, and fallow the good influence instead of the bad influences. This idea is found to be true through the… View Article

I admire most Angelina Jolie

Wonderful and gorgeous woman does not always come in cheap. There is lot of demoralizing and inhumane accusations being thrown to them and their attitude is something that always gets two-thumbs up from the people around them. However, given the kind of attitude where you are humble enough to look back on your past with… View Article

Angelina Jolie Speech

Introduction When she is not working as the UN Goodwill Ambassador, she’ll be acting or directing another film, or looking after her six adorable children. a. Today I will be speaking about the amazing Angelina Jolie, my inspiration in so many aspects of life and a truly amazing woman. b. I will cover three main… View Article