Analysis of Speech Presentation

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  1. There were too much unimportant details in the speech so the focus was partly removed from the subject of the speech.

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    It should have focused more on the person being introduced and the identifying details about the person instead of mentioning elements that were somehow, distantly related to the main focus. For instance, many of the details mentioned would have been unnecessary already such as those pertaining to other people.

  2. The delivery was too fast. At certain points, the speaker seemed to ‘eat’ the words making the delivery difficult to understand.

Positive points

  1. The speech was very interesting because it mentioned a lot of personal details about the person being introduced. It made people more anxious to meet the person being introduced because it sounded a lot more intimate.
  2. The speaker was very confident in delivering the introduction so; it seemed that the speaker was personally related to the subject of the introduction

Tribute Speech

Negative points

  1. There were so little emotional details in the content of the speech. This resulted in the audience not being able to sympathize or identify themselves with the subject of the speech.
  2. The speech was somewhat disorganized. The details mentioned about the subject were not too sequenced. For instance, the professional details should have been mentioned later and the more emotionally charged details mentioned earlier in the speech.

Positive points

  1. The speaker was very animated. For example, the facial expressions were appropriate for the parts of the speech being delivered making the speech quite entertaining.

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  2. The speaker used appropriate gestures to express certain points in the speech more clearly.

Gestures are a very important aspect of public speaking; these serve to highlight and express certain details more succinctly.

Informative speech

Negative points

  1. While there were new things about the subject, these details lacked more in-depth explanation. It did mention certain new discoveries about the subject, but it should have offered more detail on these elements.
  2. There was too much technical detail in the speech that it became quite difficult to digest. It is all right to mention technical details but at least, these details should have been given more background data and explanation.

Positive points

  1. The subject was very interesting; the speaker did well in deciding what to write about. It was also a relevant topic so most of the listeners were able to comprehend the significance of the topic especially to their own individual lives.
  2. The speaker delivered the speech quite distinctly so that he was able to grab audience attention easily and deliver the speech with more authority. The speaker sounded very knowledgeable of the topic which is the reason for the authoritative and very informative tone.

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Analysis of Speech Presentation

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