An Overview of the Student Representing the National Honor Society in Newton High School

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A student that represents the National Honors Society should be well rounded in the areas of academics, leadership, character and service. I feel that I am one of these students. I surpass the requirement for academics by maintaining more than an eighty-eight grade point average for at least five semesters. My academic average is not just a number to me. I came into Newtown High School with only one honors course. By senior year I will be in all honors classes in addition to one AP.

This did not happen overnight. I worked in every class to get good grades and prove to my college prep teachers that I could succeed in honors level courses.

The similar situation happened to me in the music department. In eighth grade I was convinced that I would be the worst flute player entering the Newtown High School music program. With this fear I elected to take Orchestra in hopes that the conductor would not know as much about my instrument.

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Throughout my freshman year I worked hard to improve my skills. When I completed playing my final exam piece that June, the teacher congratulated me and suggested that I begin private lessons. By the end of sophomore year I had developed enough skill and confidence to move into the Band program. I am now fourth chair in the Symphonic Band, and next year I hope to be in Wind Ensemble. I have decided to join Marching Band next year, and I plan on continuing my music studies though college.

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I feel that I demonstrate leadership in school and in other activities, especially through refereeing basketball.

One might not understand how a refereeing position could related to leadership until they sit down and watch what goes on during a game. I remember playing basketball for the Newtown Parks & Recreation program when I was younger, and my favorite part (other then winning) was to talking to the high school student referees after the games. There was one referee in particular that spoke with me after every game to review how I did and discuss what I needed to work on for the next week. She made me realized that I was a strong player, and she also made me feel important. Now that I am refereeing, I see that the basketball players look up to me. I try to do my best to make them feel special and to encourage them to develop their talents. I understand that they look up to me because I am older, and I do whatever I can to be a positive role model. A National Honor Society Student must be a person of good character, and I believe that a persons character is defined through their attitude. I take a positive approach toward school and everything I am involved in. My character shows through my work and the other things I do, whether it is a report for school or a babysitting job. For example, if I am writing a paper, I always try my best to be creative, to make sure that I include all of the necessary points, and to hand it in on time. Whenever I babysit I try to keep the children involved in fun activities rather then sit in front of the TV.

Finally, an Honor Society Student must show service for their school and community. I do this through my involvement in extracurricular activities and by volunteering in the community. I take park in sports throughout the year for several reasons. I like to stay in good physical shape. I find that when I am active I tend to get more done, be in better moods, and produce higher quality work. I also like competition because it gives me a goal to strive for. This year I became involved in the school play by joining the pit orchestra, and I will be playing the flute in two of the four shows. I am proud to represent Newtown High School in these extracurricular activities. As a volunteer last summer I spent a day working at the Audubon Preserve in Southbury. More importantly, I enjoyed volunteering as a camp counselor at Newtowns Treadwell Park. I volunteered for one hundred twenty hours there, playing and working with kindergarten children six hours everyday. I became a role model to those children and a friend. By the end of the summer I felt a special bond with many of them. It was a satisfying and worthwhile experience that taught me how to handle important situations involving the care and safety of the children.

At the same time the children taught me how to be creative, playful, and carefree. When I first received this packet to apply for the National Honors Society I was shocked and flattered. I did not even think to look on the list next to the guidance door, since I never thought I would be nominated. I knew I had good grades and that I was a hard working student, but I never imagined that the Honor Society was interested in someone like myself. As I first flipped through the packet I laughed because I did not think that I took park in anything that would help me fill out these sheet. It was not until I sat at my bed and put some thought into what I have been involved in for the past three years that I realized what I have accomplished. I now realize that I have many qualities that make me a worthy applicant. I would be proud to be accepted into the Newtown High School Chapter of the National Honor Society.

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