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An experience you had as a Teenager

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Essay, Pages 6 (1460 words)



Essay, Pages 6 (1460 words)

Adolescent was the term for me when I was still a teenager, this refers to the period of psychological and social transition between childhood and adulthood In common usage in western, English language countries, “adolescent” and “teenager”. Adolescence is the transitional stage of human development in which a juvenile matures into an adult. This transition involves Biological and Social Changes. This could also include any Psychological changes in the part of the teenager. (See Adolescence. Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia) I could say that what I am now is the outcome of what I have been through during my teenage years.

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Those experiences I could say was not that easy for me and those travails I have been through were not that simple. We all have in our minds that as a teenager, we should always be enjoying life. We should be in party here and there. We never think of what will tomorrow bring for us because all we have in mind is just today.

The happiness of what we feel at that very moment of our youth. The impulsiveness in every actions and decisions that we will make. I am now 21 years of age and still a student particularly in nursing. I can say that I am very of a suspicious kind. A girl who is very much of a fighter than a martyr.

A woman who is wiser and much wiser than I was before. I credit this to the experiences I had in my teenage years. What I am now was the great effect of one certain event that made a big breakthrough in my character.

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I was still 14 years old then and still a high school student at a known University. It was in this year when I met a guy. He was my classmate. He was my closest friend. We were very close at the point of him sleeping over at our house. But all of it was with no malice. We were seatmates also and every time we had quizzes we would see to it that both of us will pass and have high grades.

We would giggle with laughter every time our teacher would announce our names in class. The teacher would say “…. and the topnotchers are…” and then would giggle. Smiling at the very best that we could. Sometimes I made a joke that if not of me my best friend would not also pass. My best friend wouldn’t want to be ashamed just because of my joke. So he also joked back at me and at the point of even yelling at my face in front of my other classmates. But knowing my buddy hadn’t made me mad of him just because of that. I could say that he was the greatest buddy I ever had. He always supported me in everything and in every endeavor I was in. e would say” bring home the Bacon buddy… ” I admit that it greatly encouraged me, it was like a fuel to my goal and to every goal I wanted to achieve. He supported me all the way. My buddy brought felicity to my life then. There were even times that we joked about our relationship but I guess we were really just meant to be friends and be best of friends. I was just so thankful to God that He has blessed me with such a wonderful friend. Sometimes we would talk about going to college at the same university and have the same course. We even had some picnics at a riverbank while doing our assignments. My buddy was an achiever.

He was born to be a leader for he has a great principle and he stands for what he believed. Having known of this potential I encouraged him to join the School Government in our school but my buddy didn’t agree with it. He said that he would choose to be an ordinary student while supporting the School Government than being part of it. He was such a dignified man I could say. A man that I thought that every girl like my age would be dreaming of. He was such a gentleman. He would think of what you will feel before thinking of his own. Every time I am blue he always made me smile and he sees to it that in each day I would not felt bad at all.

His cares were like the cares of Romeo and I sometimes felt like I was Juliet. Maybe because it was of the gentleness he had shown me. I always saw my buddy smiling whenever we were together and there were no dull moments. But as the saying goes that all things come to an end and so did my companionship with my buddy. It was when I discovered something. I was so confused why his hair was shedding off. I asked him about it but he seems to avoid and swerve the topic. Alopecia was what I meant which is a sign of a person having chemotherapy. This event gave me an idea that he might be suffering from an illness and I was just certainly right.

I went to his house and it brought me great shock to know from his parents that he was suffering from cancer. I was kind of angry to my best friend because he didn’t tell me about his condition. As we all know that there are no secrets that wouldn’t be revealed. I confronted him again and this time he told me everything. He confirmed to me his condition. I was so devastated upon knowing this. Many thoughts came to my being. Thoughts that greatly bothered me. I would say to my self that I am not complete anymore after several years or months and even days for my greatest friend would leave me.

I always said to myself that happiness would not be with me for the next hours to come for I will be lonely and with no one to turn because my buddy will be gone. Yes, he would be gone because his cancer is already in stage 4. There was nothing I could do about it. I felt so helpless and futile. I was just right because after 3 months my one and only best friend died. I always questioned in my mind why. Why did it have to happen to me and my buddy? He was the only friend that I have and the only one who understood all my stupidity and craziness. Now I am totally all alone.

A lonely island with no trees and flowers but all sand. An island full of misery and loneliness. It took me awhile before I finally moved on. I could say that my best friend wouldn’t want me to be so lonely and so down. It could affect my relationship with my peers and especially my studies. I wouldn’t want also that my best friend will worry about me. So I decided to continue life. I graduated as a Valedictorian and I pursued college in a Medical School. I decided to be a nurse. It my buddy’s dream for me. I treasured my buddy a lot that I always think of him first before doing great decisions.

I always thought of his advices before and ponder on it. I can say that I am much happy now. My life is still normal. I am still very much of an achiever in school. I always see to it that my parents are proud of my achievements. I guess that event I had made me stronger. I have discovered the realities of this fleeting world. I have learned that life still goes on even you were hurt because of a loss of somebody you treasured much. Happiness doesn’t depend on the people around you but rather you are the maker of your own happiness. It is your will to be happy. it is also your will to be sad and gloomy.

I much tougher now. A woman who is ready to face the challenges of this world. A lady who has grown up emotionally. One who is alone but happy and contented of what she has in the present. I know all of us will die and be wit our Creator in heaven. We should always bear in mind that not all things we see and feel are just fleeting. We should always make the most out of our life which was given to us by God. We should always treasure every moments we spend with those people who are very important to us and those whom we love most. Let us always stay happy and tough amidst the circumstances that will come in our way.

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