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We live in a fast-changing world where politics, economics and finance have become strongly connected, not to say interdependent. I believe that in order to make informed and wise decisions, one should be aware of the phenomena that characterise our times, such as globalisation, the development of certain economies and cultural changes. I come from a country, China, whose economy has been growing at a remarkable rate and whose demographic aspects have faced significant changes. It cannot be denied that although Chinese economy is expected to become one of the largest ones in the world within a few decades, my country still lacks an adequate number of skilled professionals who understand finance.

As philosopher Francis Bacon once said, “knowledge is power”; nowadays finance plays a major role in shaping the world, which is why I believe that studying it can help recognise and seize excellent opportunities. I am aware that finance is a broad subject which encompasses many other fields, including mathematics and economics.

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Ever since I realised that finance was the subject I wanted to specialise in, I have been dedicating many hours a week to studying mathematics.

I believe my current knowledge of finance, economics and mathematics would allow me to gain a deeper understanding of the financial world, so that one day I can achieve my goals. There are several reasons why I have chosen finance as my ideal course. In the first place, today’s job market is very competitive and holding a finance degree would certainly help me build a career.

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In the second place, my family who live back in China are counting on me, which is why I wish to succeed in my studies and future career not only for myself, but also for them. In the third place, finance represents much more than a mere subject to me, as I grew up hearing people talk about globalisation and how fast BRIC countries were developing, which has made me want to participate in that process. Another important aspect of the globalisation process is the incredible popularity of the English language, which I have always wanted to master. That is why I decided to move to the United Kingdom in 2011, as there is no better place to learn English than an English-speaking country. After all, financial terminology is rich of English words and I believe that studying finance in the United Kingdom would no doubt help me find a job in the future, especially in China.

In order to be fully prepared to start studying finance at a British university, I started a foundation course on economics, maths, geography and CSS in September 2012. I am aware that as a nonnative English speaker, I may face some difficulties in studying financial subjects. However, I have been studying for years specifically to avoid those difficulties. As far as my personal interests are concerned, I used to be an athlete before moving to the United Kingdom and intend to keep exercising in order to preserve my health. I love basketball and other sports which require individuals to play as part of a team. That is because I feel comfortable collaborating with others to achieve common goals and in spite of my ambitious nature, I think that people who work together can achieve great results. I also love fishing, which I believe is a very calming activity. Thanks to this particular passion of mine, I have become a surprisingly calm and patient person and I hope that these qualities will help me face future challenges in the best way possible.

I also enjoy volunteering and helping people anytime I can. Although I have very ambitious goals, I do not intend to ignore the people around me, not even when I achieve my goals. My family, teachers and professors have taught me that everybody should look around themselves and do what they can to make this world a better place to live in and I didn’t know what that meant, until I started volunteering and felt happy while doing it. The thought of continuing my studies in the United Kingdom excites me, as I find life here extremely colourful and would love to make new, interesting friends. With regards to my professional experience, while I was in high school in China I used to work at my uncle’s company, where I dealt with customers and performed basic computer tasks. At the moment I am working as a waiter at a restaurant where I can converse in English with my colleagues, which is great as that has helped me a lot with my English. I hope that you will consider my application and give me the opportunity to continue my studies at your university. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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