An Analysis of an Informative Speech on An Everlasting Impression


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Many people do not realize the importance of lithography and the impact of its development in our modern day society. All the material you read books, magazines, newspaper, manuals etc., where made by reproduction using the lithography method of printing Involving printing presses. This is important because without the lithographic process you wouldn’t have your school books!


The demand for reproduction of multiple copies of books letters instructions, magazines, newspaper is at a all time high and without the development of lithography many of important manuals wouldn’t be able to be read by us, etc.

bible. Lithography made it possible to print from smooth plates to paper from a printing press using plates. The process made printing pages a lot faster then the old printing process using linotype, and it made the render usage of scribes obsolete. (“,”). This cites states the significance of the usage of Lithography. Lithography is used for reproducing text, symbols and images, Lithographic printing nowadays has been integrated into highproduction machinery to make anything from paper to printed circuits, but has also become popular as an artistic medium.

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I am a skilled Lithographer with 15 years of experience. I have attended Lithographer training school and the Defense Mapping College. I have spent long hours printing and reproducing things people need and have seen the effects of lithography in the modern day society and the need people have for the reproduction of copy material. Thus, I wanted to inform them of the unique process there demands cover in order for them to get the reading material they have in the form of books, magazines, letters, instruction etc.

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Signpost + thesis

I am going to share with you some of the history of the development in the printing process and how we get our reading materials today. As well as provide you with some information that may help you when you need printing services.


Understanding the Printing Process

The different Types of Printing.

The propose of printing? Types of printing use today?

Until the nineteenth century, printers completed each step of printing by hand, just as they did in Gutenberg’s printshop. As technology evolved, inventors adapted these new technologies to revolutionize printing. Steam engines and, later, electrical engines were incorporated into the design of printing presses. In the 1970s, computers were integrated into the printing process. (“University of texas,”)

I am going to focus on offset lithography;

However, what I cover can apply to most of the printing done today.


  1. Understanding printing
  2. Paper how its made; paper pulp, felt side, wire side
  3. offset lithography
  4. change in modern times:

Today, printing is very different from the process used in Gutenberg’s workshop. By modern standards, Gutenberg’s printing process may seem slow and tedious; compositors put type together by hand, and a skilled compositor could assemble 2,000 characters or letters in an hour. A computer can arrange the same number of characters in about two seconds. Today, more words are being printed every second than were printed every year during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. (Lithographer 3 and, 1975)

Third Main Point

The advantages of the printing press are the following:

  •  Monks no longer needed to copy books.
  •  It was easier for the church to copy from.
  •  It speeded up the spread of new ideas so that they could be discussed easily.
  •  It enabled a wide range of people to share their ideas with a large number of others.
  •  New sheets were produced quicker to keep people updated on the latest gossip.
  •  Books were developed quicker.


Information became more accessible, affordable and reliable as the price of books fell sixty-five percent. Literacy rates rose and a new educated middle class emerged. Books became a common resource for scholars and professors and it soon became the medium of communication in certain countries and people became more aware of historical events and the state of the world. Cities with printing presses grew percent faster than other non-print cities in 1500-1600. In 1499, two thousand, five hundred printing presses were established in Europe and fifteen million books have already been printed. Authorship became more meaningful and soon Copyrights were invented.

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