Alternate Ending to the Most Dangerous Game

He had never slept in a better bed, Rainsford decided. Waking up from a long nights sleep, Rainsford stretched every joint in his beaten down body and rose from Zaroft’s splendid bed I’m glad that horrible nightmare is over. Knowing now what it feels like to be hunted, I wish never to hunt another living being ever again, Rainsford proclaimed. Then, Rainsford kneeled down at the bedside. Dear Lord, thank you for keeping me alive. Please help me to find a safe way home Amen.

Rainsford prayed. Then Rainsford got up and dressed. Without let up he left the chateau in search for a way back home.

Rainsford ran right to the shore. Far off into the fog he saw a figure in the ocean. As he got a better look he noticed it was a boat. Help! Help! Rainsford shouted at the top of his lungs. It was no use. Whoever was on the boat would never hear him, he thought.

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Then suddenly Rainsford had an idea. He would send smoke signals up into the sky so people on the boat would see him and come to his rescue. Rainsford gathered everything he needed to make smoke signals, put it together and started sending smoke into the air. Suddenly the boat started to turn around! Over here!

Over here! Rainsford shouted. Rainsford started to recognize the boat as it came closer. It was Whitney and the crew. They came back for him. The boat pulled on shore and Whitney stepped off.

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“Whitney, I can’t believe it’s you! ” Rainsford rejoiced. Whitney said “When I woke up the next morning and realized you weren’t there I insisted we turn around and go look for you. We searched everywhere and then when I saw the smoke signals in the air I knew with your experience it had to be you. ” “I’m so thankful you came back to rescue me. You wouldn’t believe what I have been through.

I have plenty to tell” said Rainsford. “You will have plenty of time to tell me on the way to the Amazon” said Whitney. “Part of what I need to tell you is that I do not wish to hunt anymore” said Rainsford. “What? This is unbelievable” said Whitney. “It’s true. I have had a horrible experience. I will tell you everything on the way home. Now, can we leave this awful place? ” asked Rainsford. “Of course we can. Let’s get you on the boat, in some warm clothes of your own and sail home. Shall we? ” Whitney asked. “We shall” agreed Rainsford.

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Alternate Ending to the Most Dangerous Game

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