Alien Rhyming Poem

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I’ll even do the rhyming thing, I guess. Firstly, I should tell you of our species But keep in mind, we’re very different beings Our social status is decided by blood. Some were brightly colored, others were like mud. Not of whom we are from descended from, We had no family, no dad, or mum. We are assigned a caretaker from birth, Not of Troll descent, for what it’s worth. They’re assigned an animal, called a lusus, I, was a special case.

One that caused a fuss. I had candy red blood. I was a mutant. And most trolls, considered me a pollutant.

I was left for dead as a baby grub, It was quite an intentional snub. I would have died that first night, cold and lonesome, If it weren’t for one troll, who was wholesome. No troll had ever cared for a young one, Let alone raise it, was their son. She was an adult, in green attire, And the look on her face, made her seem quite dire.

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Despite her outwardly appearance She taught me the meaning of adherence. Our species is naturally hostile, And knowing this, made me feel quite vile. I despised all of my species needless strife, The type that nearly ended my life. The hierarchical system is cruel,

Leaving it to chance if you serve or rule. The lowest color on the hemospectrum, Were the bronze-bloods, all of which were thought as scum They were lucky to live through their childhood, And they were blessed if they were understood.

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The second of blood colors was yellow, These poor souls were forced to live in the ghetto. And if they could not afford to live there, They were sold to slavery, and none would care. Up next was olive, jade, and then teal, And none of these were really a big deal. After that, cerulean and dark blue, These were the hardest to attend to. These classes were always struggling for power,

It made their general tone, quite sour. The highest of the normal bloods was purple, And out of all of them, they were most verbal. Always making demands, but never amends, However, the aggrievance extends. They considered themselves royalty, Flaunting around all flamboyantly. Near the top, were the violet blooded, And they lived in places that were flooded. They had a mutation which gave them gills, And plenty of impractical frills. And at the top were those with blood like gold, And every single one of them was cold. They like the purple-bloods had gills and frills,

But they would kill others just for thrills They ruled over our race with an iron fist, But only one at any time could exist. This made a cruel sort of monarchy One which plunged plunged the lowbloods into poverty. And if you spoke out against the crimes... Well it was like stepping into a field of landmines. And if one was seen with my blood hue, They’d be allowed to kill me. Through, and through. Despite all this, she raised me as a child, And when I learned of this... I think I smiled But that was the only blessing I was brought, For the rest of my life, I wish I forgot.

I traveled the lands, preaching my ideal, I had set out on my quest with a great zeal. I sought to change the views of society, And change all of their impropriety. I taught the values of peace and love, Something that most were afraid to talk of. Not all were too fond of my teachings, They thought of it as annoying screeching. But eventually, I gathered a cult. One much to her majesty’s insult. She sent her best men to find and catch me, I on the other hand, did my best to flee. Eventually they caught me, my disciple too, But in some stroke of luck, the let her through.

She went on, spreading word of my Lessons, I hope she went on, to teach her own sessions... I, however was not treated so well, They locked me up in their deepest cell. They tortured me for what seemed like forever, They had no mercy for me whatsoever. I screamed with anger that pierced the skies All of my love, had said their goodbyes. The only thing left, was anger and hatred, And in time, all my teachings faded. I could not make a stand for peace and love, For those, my species are unworthy of. And now you know all of my suffering, And why my irons, are still burning. ”

Updated: Apr 19, 2023
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