The role of art of painting and creativity


Art is the continues creativity river and it kept going till the twenty first century and until the twentieth century, art history goes back to the industrial product to prehistory and it extends to all cultures. The western art has affected the Japanese, josh, Islamic, Afreician, Indian and Chinese art and vice versa. In the newfangled period, the medieval painters worked in the art of the church and the privileged aristocracy. From the Baroque era, the law received private commissions from the midst class, the most educated and flourishing, and the Baroque period, in general, from the late 16th century until the early 18th century Europe.

Romantic painters, such as Francesco de Goya, John Constable, M. And. Turner.

The painting below is for an animal called (Arkhas), it has found in the cave of Lascaux, France, the art of prehistory. Arkhas was a very large species of cattle that lived in most of Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia and India before being extinct in the first quarter of the seventeenth century in 1627.

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Arkhas name in Arabic is derived from the Latin name, Auerochse or Urochs) Which means – wrong as believed – the primitive bull also known as the least wild bull or wild cattle. It should be noted that Arkhas is the wild cattle of domesticated cattle, which all domestic cattle descend today.

Drawing is a Visual art work requires a relationship on the surface, and is expressing things by line basis or stains or bye tool. And is a form of Visual Arts: plastic arts , one of the seven Arts.

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And drawing quick lines may be a record of some notes or scenes and thoughts for a shape at a particular moment, and preparatory work for other means of artistic expression, but often have a separate work of art in itself. Drawing is an important thing in my life but before I enter the world of painting I see something ordinary and unimportant and interesting but one the day I saw the beauty of this painting drawing of the blind artist (John Bram blatt)

This painting has a great impact on my life because I saw that painting is not just an art but a feeling and stems from within the human being because the plastic painter (John Bramlett) when he was blind came into a severe state but came back from this situation in 2001 and everyone liked his drawings and meaning. Both of them. John, who relies on drawing his paintings after missing the world’s images and presence, relies on colors to highlight the features of the image and most uses are red and black to produce paintings, although we cannot see them. Drawing began since the age of 16 and inspired the blind painter (John Bramblet).

My mom and dad helped me with this and I started learning something from YouTube and my sister was a good painter who helped me a lot. It was a difficult way but my love for this became easy for me and I have a page to publish my drawings and now I have followers and people who encourage me and as I said for the first time the fans are my mom and dad encouraged me so much and now they are proud I love my drawings and I have followers and admirers from all over the world. I like to draw in the quiet places and large parks like Park Sami Abdel Rahman and I have in my room many colors and pens and brushes.

When I started drawing at the age of 16 my father took me to Baghdad to the area (Mutanabi) Al Mutanabbi Street is located in the center of the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, near Al-Midan and Al-Rashid. Al Mutanabbi Street is the cultural market for the people of Baghdad, where the trade of books of all kinds and fields flourishes. It is usually active on Friday. It has a printing press dating back to the 19th century. It also contains a number of bookstores that contain rare books and manuscripts as well as some old Baghdadi buildings, The old civil courts, now called the Qishla Building, is the conciliatory school built by Mowaffak al-Khadam.

The school was located at the site of the current Al-Qashla building (which was the subject of the Tabu Real Estate Directorate and the Ministry of Justice in the Royal era) and the cultural center overlooking the Tigris River. The center contains a large number of halls for the work of seminars and cultural lectures, and that the courtyard of the cultural center is characterized by a gathering of artists and intellectuals every Friday, the center of television interviews and a platform for flags in addition to a permanent exhibition of painting on wood and glass embodies the heritage Baghdadi manages the exhibition His wife and husband are creative painters.

At the end of Al Mutanabbi Street, the old Shabandar Cafe is old, and the street is now a market for books and magazines in Mutanabbi There is everything for drawing, books, reading and everything about culture there I go and see the painters and their drawings very beautiful. My father bought me everything I wanted to draw. He used to take me to the river in Baghdad and tell me to take inspiration from this beauty and I would sit for hours watching the beauty of the light and draw with quiet music.

I started to develop myself, I am trying to draw now by coal. Raw coal means ideal drawing despite simple assets because of the ease of application, use, additions, deletions and charcoal of the best materials suitable for drawing and charcoal in multiple images between hard and soft steel and less rigid, In it are two (charcoal) and (industrial coal) featuring industrial coal steadily form a piece of coal reversed the normal change their shape depending on the form of the original plant, in addition to industrial coal vary in hardness of pieces And least solid coal characterized by darkening his lines of hard coal. And making charcoal drawing is good way of natural diversity line and degrees of shadows that produces, as well as the ease with which it can be used to show the details of the drawing, in addition to the possibility of using the eraser easily beats them on coal industry, it can be installed by using the types of material Installed (Installer may change grades).

The beginning of drawing is with the beginning of man’s creation. Painting has a beginning and no end. The first thing that old man learned was drawing, because he did not know writing. The first picture shows an animal called the Arkhas painted by ancient humans to keep its memory when it is extinct.

The second picture shows drawings drawn by ancient painters in ancient times in the church

The third photo shows the hands of the children who were in the cave (De Las Manos) in the province of Santa Cruz in Argentina

The most important painters of antiquityLeonarda da VinciLeonardo da Vinci was a painter, an architect, a sculptor, an architect, a mapmaker and a scientific author. He is one of the most famous Renaissance scientists and one of the greatest geniuses in the history of mankind as a whole. He is often described as the owner of Creative Creative Fantasy. The painting now belongs to the French government. The Louvre refuses to sell it permanently, but to keep it behind a bulletproof glass panel. In an environment controlled by the climate and price until 2016, the value of seven hundred and fifty million dollars and the number of visitors is very large and is one of the most important and most beautiful drawings since then to this time

Pablo PicassoPablo Picasso is the painter, sculptor and hue who began to work on the plastic art so that the size and shapes of the elements change, but it is reduced in its meaning and its aesthetic specialty and acquired this art of African art. He became the pioneer of the Cubism movement and one of its founders. So far the Guernica, painted in 1937, depicts a number of human beings cut into pieces, a realistic event in the village of Gernica when the German Air Force blew up under Hitler.

Vincent Van GoghVincent Van Gogh, the third painter, suffered bipolar disorder and committed suicide at the age of 37, behind him more than 2,000 paintings. A huge number compared to his short life. Van Gogh today is one of the most famous painters and one of the most important pioneers of Impressionism, which paved the way for the emergence of modern art as a whole and one of the most famous paintings in history as is (Starry Night), painted in 1889 and used the colors blue, yellow and white degrees and used strokes and movements in the mattresses and the meaning of Suicide, because he drew a tree linking the earth and the sky and the tree This is the tree of the fence, which was known for that period with a tree of tombs and tombs

Claude MonetClaude Monet is the fourth painter of the early modern art school and a very thin knight. He was born and died in France in November 1840 – December 5, 1926, and is credited with the Impressionist school and painting of the impression of sunrise. In 1919, the world’s most famous painters published a series of water lily paintings, a series as a whole from the garden of his home in Giverny, France. And the price of one painting in it to thirty million US dollars

Michael AngeloThe fifth painter is Italian sculptor, architect and painter Michelangelo (1475-1564). He is one of the leading Renaissance artists after Da Vinci. His paintings and sculptures focused on the naked human body. All his work showed great effort and talent, focusing on the drawing of mythology and religious tales, and leaving an artistic legacy immortal. His most famous work was his painting “The Creation of Adam.”

Drawing and Sketching Tools

Down below I will show a brief about some of the modern used tools for this era:

Graphite Pencils

Pencils pictured at right:

  • 1) Ebony Pencil by Eberhard Faber
  • 2) Sanford Mirado #1/B
  • 3) Dixon Ticonderoga #1/B
  • 4) Sanford Design 1B
  • 5) Sanford Design 2B
  • 6) Sanford Design 4B
  • 7) American Pencil Venus 5B
  • 8) Bic Velocity 0.9mm disposable
  • 9) KOH-I-NOOR Rapidomatic 0.7mm (B)
  • 10) Bic #2 0.7mm lead disposable

Solid Graphite Sticks

As the graphite choices get thicker they move from leads for mechanical clutch holders to solid rods or sticks for broad sweeping strokes.

  • 1) Berol Turquoise lead holder, 1/16 – 2B lead
  • 2) 3/16? 4B lead in an A.W. FABER CASTELL Locktite 2535
  • 3) Derwent Graphitone solid 4B pencil 1/4 – dia.
  • 4) General’s 4B Sketching Pencil, 3/8 x 1/8 lead, aka Carpenter’s pencil
  • 5) General’s Kimberly 6B graphite sticks 1/4 x 1/4 x 3.


Charcoal is used for its bold deep blacks and softly feathered grays achieved through smudging the soft medium across the paper. Apparently it worked well on prehistoric cave walls too.

Chalks, Conte, And Pastel

  • 1) Blackboard Chalk (CaCO3)
  • 2) Cont Sticks – various colors
  • 3) Black Cont Solid
  • 4) Black Cont Pencil
  • 5) Cont White Pencil
  • 6) Cont Sepia Pencil
  • 7) Gray Pastels warm
  • 8) Pastels various basic colors

Watercolor Pencils

Watercolor pencils require a cross-over painting technique that is not covered here but go for it if that’s what you have on hand. After drawing you then paint with clear water and the colors dissolve into watercolors. You can draw over wet areas for bolder lines. Use heavier watercolor paper to draw on, at least #140 weight if you will be using a lot of water. Check for lightfastness before choosing a set.

And as well as Markers, Pen, Brush, Ink, Erasers, Blending Tools, Sharpeners, Mechanical Aids, Fixatives.


The history of the ancient art as it was found in the prehistory in an ancient French cave and showing the Arkhes animal as one of the first sketches which was found there and so on it get improved with time and as it is for now as we are having a sea of art goes back to millions of years and million of meanings with each portrait or work.

showing and explaining how it all started and as I was inspired since I was 15 years old with one of my favorite artists (John Bram blatt) and how his life had a large effect on my art life (my hobby).

Showing the most important painters through the history and the following is their names:

  • Pablo
  • Picasso
  • Vincent
  • Van
  • Gogh
  • Claude
  • Monet
  • Michael
  • Angelo

Showing the main used and useful tools for the modern era as per the following:

Graphite Pencils, Solid Graphite Sticks, Charcoal, Chalks, Conte, Pastel, Watercolor, Pencils, Markers, Pen, Brush, Ink, Erasers, Blending Tools, Sharpeners, Mechanical Aids and Fixatives.

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