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Have you ever had a feeling that writing is completely not one of your strong suits? And you’d better read a dozen of books, or work 12 hours every day than write even a page of text? It is a very close situation to each person who decided to visit one of our academic writing help services.

To start with, we would like to get you acquainted with “OzziEssays” site.  It is very easy to understand and use.

1. “About us” tab includes whole information about the site. What do we understand under the word “Essay,” and what is our aim while creating them? Also, we summarized main purpose and mission of the site and reasons of why you should choose us. By the way, a larger amount of best reasons you will see a little bit below.

Also, you can see that to guide this site correctly and to see the access to a larger quantity of permissions you would better sign up and don’t miss any of our news.

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2. Next tab “Free Essays” speaks everything for us. Here are academic papers writing service represented a lot of examples of professional essays we have once written, and continue writing for free for you. There you can you a “search” and find more than 5 thousand pieces created on different topics.

3.  “Our team” is a magnificent group of professionals who are highly-educated in various fields. Each of them has a lot of experience in writing texts and helping students or even professors to succeed.

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For example History, Art, Law, Math, Economics, Biology, Psychology… Also as you can read through their biographies, all of them have specific education and high achievements in their spheres.

4. You can make sure that we are a real company with a legally registered address and numbers. In tab “Contact form” you can fill in the request you need to get an answer for. Everything is easy here – you have to fill in the gaps with Name, Email, Subject and the message you want us to respond.

5. Next tab will be very interesting for you as we have here completely FREE plagiarism Check. In case you want to recheck after us your ordered and ready essay you may use this Plagiarism check and make sure that everything is honest. Also, if you decided not to ask us for academic essay writing help but to make everything by yourself, then you may use the site as well. We are always happy if someone or something from our inventions help people.

6. In a tab “Hire writer” you will need to sign up before you start.

  • Here you will have an opportunity to choose writer you want to work with most of all.
  • Here you will also have gaps to fill in – type of paper you have (academic writing, essay, article, assignment, business plan, custom work, speech, lab report and lots more), concrete topic if you have one ( it will decrease the amount of time of choosing which topic will be appropriate to exactly your type of paper and subject).
  • Also, choose wisely of which subject you have (journalism, law, accounting, medicine, sport, technology…) because each subject has its writer.
  • Then you need to select a number of pages and the deadline.
  • After that, you will have two additional questions about the type of service you need (rewriting, editing or writing from scratch) and writer quality (it could be standard, premium and platinum).
  • Then remind how many resources your professor asked to mention and the format of citation if the professor required it ( if yes it is important as it could be MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, Vancouver and each of them has its specific points.)

7. After that, you will see the last step, where you will need to upload some instructions or files to guide the writer. And below you will see the price and writer who is going to work with you.

Everything is very easy now, with instructions, isn’t it?

We are ready to help with academic writing

As you see we are very open to our customers. As we promised above, now you will see several effective reasons of why you should choose us for all other sites.

  • We are happy to inform that you will always get a response to your question as we are open all day all night.
  • Our prices are affordable and not very high, and also you can get a discount or special offers being a standing (regular) customer.
  • As you see writing an academic paper will not be a problem for us as we have such a wide variety of people working in different spheres.
  • You will always get completely unique papers, without even a note of plagiarism.
  • We offer only true facts, which are based on true and real facts.
  • What is the most important – we care about your anonymity, no one will ever know that you decided to ask for help in a hard situation for you.

Hope, we make you sure that this site is your life-jacket. Don’t doubt any minute more – we were once made to help people from all over the world to gain goals and to succeed in things they want to.

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