Academic Honesty in American Education

Most of us know that cheating is wrong. However, many times we use technology as part of our tool. What I mean, that many times students use ideas from other writings without realizing that we are really doing “Plagiarism” because we are taking ideas from topics to be able to perfect writings and thoughts. I was reading an article our teacher posted days ago that talks about why students cheat during col lege and I realized what it says that if you cheat, you are only cheating yourself.

Ways to overcome these problems is being responsible, honest and be critical of ourselves just like the ar ticle mentions. I support the idea mentioned in th is article, “let’s encourage instead of more structure and more consistency, this mean we need to provi de motivation and practice in the ir writings. As a teacher, I believe a good school environment is vital for learning and there are other aspects, such as good relations between students and teachers or motivating and inclusive academic activities, that must be taken into account to guarantee a good education for children and young people.

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Students consider that everything they locate on the Internet is free, banishing this practice is difficult since they are used, in their secondary studies, to carry out works based on cutting and pasting of different material that they find on the Web. And in many cases, they do not know the basic guidelines for preparing an academic paper. In many cases, it is not attributable to the bad faith of the student, but to their poor training Given the current high level of technology, it is necessary to constantly discuss and review the issue of ethics in the academic field.

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Technological tools did not reformulate the ethical standard, but offer alternatives to students, and facilitate practices such as cheating, plagiarism, and forgery, which made the c hallenge of teaching intuition even more complex .

As Teachers , it is important to motivate the student to practice their daily writing for a better understanding and in this way avoid plagiarism . Today the low academic level and the lack of written practice from the beginning of primary to university is the number one problem at the school level. Many times, we find ourselves teaching subjects that have nothing to do with language and grammar, spelling rules of accentuation, the use of capital letters, also many times we have to explain to them the commitment and responsibility to deliver practical work in a timely manner, and the responsibility and seriousness that they have to have when working and being part of a work team.

Currently they saturate students with homework and exercises, but they do not motivate their practice. That is why most of them used technology or ideas in writings. But how can we motivate a group of young people who are ready to face a new adult world with responsibilities and much to study and learn? How to make them commit to themselves, to the subject and to your classmates? Where to find information to help us as teachers, to better prepare a class, to find some answers? I’m a preschool teacher but I ask myself these questions every day. Why? Because my students are the next futures.

I see that my son who attends to college, has a hard time starting an essay or writing even myself, because of the lack of practice in his first years of school, and today he meets reality and responsibility of something that was not taught. So, answering my own question in the previously mentioned. I see that as teachers we have a great responsibility to motivate and encourage students with writing from their early school years that way they grow with practice until they become university students.

Being a teacher is a lot of responsibility. Teachers are responsible for managing, within the classroom, teaching conditions that allow st udents access, both to specific knowledge of the disciplines, and to learning strategies that allow them to construction and reconstruction of learning. All of this to avoid students t o cheat o choose he easy way of ‘plagiarism’. I cannot change the teaching methodology of each teacher, but as students we can make the change and be responsible and empathetic of our Academic Honesty.

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Academic Honesty in American Education

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