The Essence of True Friendship: Honesty, Love, Loyalty

A true friend is someone that is always there for you, that you can count on no matter the situation you find yourself in. He has your back through the thick and thin he supports you through the good and bad phase of your life when you are up they are up with you, when you are down they are down with you. And when you get bullied or insulted they stand up for you, regardless of the consequence they face and when you get in trouble they look for a way to help you out, and they do these because they care for you and not because they expect anything in return.

A true friend love you, care for you, fight for you against anybody. anyday, anytime as long as they know you are in danger. They make time and space for you.

They show up and make everything feel okay they help in every single way they can, they care and will always have your back when you go down the wrong path they advise you, correct you and they push you to become a better person.

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Tthey are happy when you are happy and when you are sad they just want to see that smile that is missing, so a true friend is some one who has your back through the rough and smoth phase of your life. When you share your fears and securities with them they dont laugh at you instead support you to face your fears and let go of those How to know a true friend who is a true friend and who is not, was something i didnt know until i was in ss3 i was the dinning prefect which is quite a popular post because of the food accompanying it.

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Everybody wanted to be my friend,me being ignorant just became friends with people who moved closer to me, unaware of their intentions for being my friendsI. I flowed along with them so i thought i had friends. It was the day i entered the hostel and overheard this same set of freinds talking about me when i heard what they have to say about me, i wondered if they were my friends or enemies, i didnt allow them to see me i left the hostel immediately i asked myself if they were my friends i made an attempt to know the meaning of freinds, and i found out that these were not true friends because what they said hurts and friends dont hurt each other instead protect each other. Friends that backbite are they true friends? Friend that when you offend them they keep it in and dont tell you, are they your friends? no they are not they dont show attribute of true friendship.

From that day i decided not to associate myself with fake freinds, if its not a true friend then i wont associate with them. so i stayed away from them they didnt even bother to ask me what the problem was, they only ask me about food when its time for food. There was these set of guys i always see in the library whenever i go there to read in the library. But there was a particular guy seye, we always greet each other casually when i went to the library on this faithful day, he asked me what was wrong i said nothing, he smiled and told me you dont walk with your freinds anymore, you dont stay in the hostel like ypu use to, you are always in library or class you dont look happy at all. I was surprised none of the freinds i walked with noticed this, but he did he was like I just like you because you are a fair prefect and nice to your juniors so thats how we started walking, reading together walikng he introduced me to his other friends i started walking with them, and they never asked me to use my position for anything.

when i do something wrong they call me sit me down and correct me and when i was going towards the wrong path they corrected me and when ever i was sad they always found a way to make me happy, especially seye so i considered them my true friends. So this proves what i studied about true friends, they have my back even when my fake friends spread a rumour about me, they confronted them about the rumours and told them to stop spreading it. Many other cases they fought for me even when i was not there especially seye he made sure he was always there for me whenever i needed a friend. He taught me things i didn't know, he challenged me to be a better person and am so thankful i had and currently have him in my life. Although true friendship has a lot of attribute i base the attribute on three characteristics this is based on my owntrue experience HLL ( honesty love loyalty) these is what makes a relationship stand

honesty - Friends have to be honest with each other, tell the truth he might get angry with you, it might hurt him, but the truth still matters, without honesty in a true friendship it is bound to fail and let him know how you are feeling a true friend knows you best. So tell him everything are u hurt, sad ,lonely, happy or miserable he is someone with whom you are not scared to let your guards down around. A true friend will not take advantage of these, instead will help to feel better and respect you as well as your vulnerability. After i told seye what happened with my fake friends he didnt laugh at me, he told me he knew because he has also heard it before but he couldn't tell me, because i blindly trusted them and was sincere with them. He said he was sorry because if he had told me i would have avoided thisH. He called his other friends who made me feel welcomed and loved and also made me laugh.

They didnt consider me a mumu like the fake friends did, they only saw the loving and caring part in me. They didnt look at my mistakes or flaws but looked at other things in me. They were completely honest with me from the start thats what builds a true friendship. Love dont say it in words, show it in actions.  Love is the act of caring for other people putting them and their needs above our own, including their happiness a true friend put your needs and happiness them before his own he cares for you,share in your pain and happiness he fights and argues with you because he loves you stand for you against the world he does all this for the love of his friends.

I remebered when a junior student spoke to me rudely, i just let him go unknowing to me, they reported him to the dining master who punished him. it was later that the student came to apologize. I was shocked when i found out what they did, not just that when all the prefect were being punished, we were asked to cut a portion of land under the sun, they left their class and came to help me we finished my portion that day where other prefect were still working on their own. Whereas my fake friends laughed at me saying, is it by force to be a prefect go and resign there are other people available for the post. Loyalty_It is a feeling of support or allegiance you give to people to show them they can always rely on you no matter the situation.

A true friend is loyal to the very end, they show you support, cheer you on when every body is bringing you down and when you want something you know you can always count on them anyday at anytime. They make themselves available to you and when you have a problem you cant seem to get a way out, they will just find the solution for you. So at times when you get into trouble you smile because you know you have people you can rely on and they love you too much to see you serve punishment,so they will definitely find a way out for you so you feel so relaxed. I remembered when i was sick and went home for treatment my friends and seye were in school so my fakefriends went to meet them and told them all sort of lies, like i steal, lie, i copy in exams and am just using them for my personal gains, that they should stop walking with me.

Am a bad influence on them especially seye and they all lauged and told them they know and they thank them seye replied saying they  dont have to worry because they don't mind me using them because he is a true friend and when you have a true friend you dont mind whatever happens with them and they left disappointed and when they told me. I Cried they were even worried incase they hurt my feelings but i told them no that it was the fact that i didnt notice the true friends around me earlier but moved wiťh the fake ones who didnt care at all about me and they brightened my mood i smiled remembering one of the merits of having a true friend is they won't allow you to be sad for as long as they are with you there are other characteristics of a true freind but i think this three describes them all. I just know from experience a person that has a true friend has the world although he might not realise it but it is the truth.

Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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