Honesty: The Plain and Simple Truth

We all heard the saying “Honesty is the Best Policy” and it has been taught in our family, school, and society. Honesty is the main reason why we trust a person, it is the instrument to talk with the truth and win other’s trust. Moreover, it’s about being real with yourself, with the people around you, and solving problems with clarity, ability to express oneself, adaptability to listen to opinions of other people. Without this we cannot build a harmonious relationship with each other, face a lot of problems, you will be doubtful in everything that you do, and you’ll always have a second thought when making transactions with other people.

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In short, when you don’t become honest, you will not be happy, there’s something inside you that keeps holding you back.

  •             Honesty is being real with yourself. Isn’t it nice that you are being honest with yourself before other people? One thing is for sure, if you can’t be honest with yourself then you can’t also be honest with other people.
  •             Honesty is being real with people around you. It strengthens and improves your relationship with other people when you are honest. Sometimes, being honest takes a lot of courage because it might hurt other people’s feeling, in order to avoid this we always practice kindness, and speak for truthfulness in a non-hurtful way.
  •             Honesty is solving problems with clarity. Every one of us is facing a problem and as much as possible we want it to be resolved right away.

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    We just not only solving problems by avoiding it but rather we resolve problems in a step-by-step process.

  •             Honesty is the ability to express oneself. When you’re honest with yourself you can always speak for the truth. Each people will get fond of you because you express yourself in a very gentle way.

Honesty is good for all of us. When you are always honest, you too are happy. It keeps you free, has good relations with other people, you earn respect from people, and you also respect other people, and it is easier for other people to trust you. Honesty must be practice every day, when we have this our life will go smooth, have the will the face challenges with truthfulness, and always the courage to speak for the truth.

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Honesty: The Plain and Simple Truth

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