Abortion Debate in Colombia: A Reading Response

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My Reading Response to Verez and Christina’s”

The social movement that shifted the debate on abortion in Colombia” The article titled "The social movement that shifted the debate on abortion in Colombia" outlines the struggle that Mesa por la Vida y la Salud de las Mujeres, a feminist organization, faced to achieve the complete decriminalization of abortion in Colombia. The group was founded in 1998, and it helped open the debate on the termination of pregnancy in the country, which was totally prohibited at that time.

In 2006, the Constitutional Court decriminalized abortion in three circumstances, and Mesa was committed to contributing to the implementation of the verdict. We talk about how Mesa implemented a five-line approach, which included creating case tracking to guarantee women's access to services, encouraging work in the areas to increase the capacity of health and legal institutions, and bolstering women's networks. They also developed advocacy in Congress to prevent setbacks, supported progress, and pushed for professional knowledge and pedagogical effort to execute the legal reasons for abortion.

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They also designed and improved distribution and communication techniques.

The point that Mesa changed the conversation about abortion in Colombia by just producing expert knowledge and case monitoring is quite encouraging on the way I should deal with my current problems. This idea culminated in the Court's historic decision in February 2022 that decriminalized abortion up to the 24th week for any pregnant person. It’s therefore prudent for me to say that the Causa Justa Movement was founded to encourage a democratic, 2 argumentative, and educational public discourse that would help people comprehend why criminalizing abortion is unjust, unfair, ineffective, and discriminatory.

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Finally, it’s more outstanding to me that the article emphasizes on the importance of the Mesa por la Vida y la Salud de las Mujeres' struggle and dedication to achieve complete abortion decriminalization in Colombia. The efforts of the movement were critical in transforming access to abortion services and bringing the 2006 ruling into effect.

To me, Causa Justa Movement arose to provide Colombia with a democratic, argumentative, and pedagogical public conversation that will contribute to legitimizing women's reproductive decisions and creating a social decriminalization environment. Works Cited González Vélez, Ana Cristina. "The social movement that shifted the debate on abortion in Colombia." LSE Latin America and Caribbean Blog (2022).

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