A Small Taste of Euphoria Essay

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A Small Taste of Euphoria

Although I am only 20 years of age and I have not had too many euphoric times in my life, I have had a life changing exploration of another country. Before my trip to the beautiful city of Sydney, Australia I had not been out of the United States. Australia is more of a liberal country that focuses on natural resources, free health care and land and animal conservation. This is a nice change from the hustle-bustle city I live in.

My first stop in my life changing, overseas adventure was in Nadi, Fiji. After a 13 hour flight, I got off the 2 story plane and immediately felt the humid wet air on my skin. I took a deep breath and the cold crisp, clean air entered my lungs. I turned my head to the left, then to the right. All I could see was beautiful mountains and lush, green trees surrounding me. There was friendly islanders holding delicate, beautiful purple lays and they were singing Fijian songs.

After another long 5 hour flight, I finally arrived to my main destination of Sydney. Since my dream has always been to travel to Australia, this was defiantly the most euphoric time in my life. As I was approaching the airport I could see the coast of Sydney from my window seat on the airplane. The ocean stretched from east to west and the waves were crashing down on the shore so I could see the white, rippled water. My face was lit up with joy and I could not stop smiling from ear to ear. Stepping into the airport I could immediately see the change in culture, even the vending machines had thing I had never seen. We took a long drive in the taxi to the hotel, and like a excited dog I was holding my head out the window trying to see all the beautiful sights. That evening was one I will never forget, the stars shinning bright and my body anxious for the next day.

The one adventure I must describe in order to fully show the Australian experience, is my time spent at the wild animal reserve. When you walk into this magnificent, beautiful place it smells and feels like the rainforest. There is vast foliage surrounding the park and each species had their own habitat. I got to personally hold endangered animals and feed Dingoes, Kangaroos and Koalas. Since animals are one of my biggest passions, this was a mesmerizing moment for me. My favorite animal, which is unfortunately endangered, is the Koala.

Their fur is unlike anything I have ever felt, it was thick and when I touched it my hand left a imprint from the thickness of the fur. Their eyes were piercing green with a black line down the middle similar to those of a cat. The kangaroo park was filled with these marsupial mammals jumping around like children. This experience left me in a state of ecstasy and once I was home I couldn’t stop looking at the pictures.

My time spent in Australia was absolutely surreal, and the surrealism makes me believe I got to experience a taste of euphoria at my young age. To look back upon my time there makes my eyes light up like stars and my memories fly by in my head like pictures. I can almost hear the sound of the wave crashing down and feel the koalas’ small hand in mine. I would recommend this trip to anyone asking, and hopefully one day plan on living there.

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