A Piece of Clothing That Reveals the Real "You"

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I am a girl who has a passion for fashion. It is no secret that most women love to shop, shopping for me is therapeutic. The one article of clothing that really describes my personality is Shoes! Just like a drug addict who has to have their fix, my addiction is fabulous pair of shoes and I have got to have them! Do not get me wrong, I have a weakness for clothing too; the way a person dresses does express their individual style.

Clothing trends are seasonal; it is not hard to put an outfit together for little or nothing. But shoes on the other hand, are a whole different story.

I used to just buy shoes that looked amazing; I did not care if they were comfortable or not, that is not an option anymore. Now that my feet are no longer twenty-two and working on bursting thirty wide open next year, comfort is a must, with a capital C.

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Five or six years ago, I would by shoes that hurt when I tried them on, and would go out and dance the night away, but a person would never know that my feet felt like they were going to fall off. After abusing my poor feet for all those years I knew a change needed to happen, and giving up my shoe fetish was not an option.

When I put on a pair of shoes, they expressed my vibrate personality, I love a pair of shoes that just speaks to people without me even saying a word.

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An awesome pair of shoes can make any outfit look great; they are the perfect accessory for anyone. I believe a pair of shoes can tell a lot about a person, say for instance a man; if a man has on a busted pair of shoes that are all dirty and scuffed up that is a red flag that clearly states, he is messy and does not take care of him self.

Now when a woman has on a not so great pair of shoes, it just says she obviously does not have a clue about fashion. One thing is for sure, I may not spend a huge amount of money on my cloths, but I can bet that I would spend top dollar on an amazingly, fabulous, and comfortable pair of shoes! After I purchase them I would be on a high that would last me until I got my next fix; another pair of fantastic shoes, that is.

Updated: Feb 23, 2021
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A Piece of Clothing That Reveals the Real "You" essay
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