A Moral Solution to the Organ Donor Shortage

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In Alexander T. Tabarrok’s essay, “A Moral Solution to the Organ Shortage” Alexander explains ways to find solutions to the organ shortage by proposing a fair way to go about qualifying for organ transplant. Gary Becker suggested that paying a good amount of money toward funeral cost of organ donors would help and encourage people to donate their organs. The new rule that Alexander wanted to proposed is the “no – give – no – take” rule. Under this rule in order to receive an organ a person must have previously signed their organ donor card.

Under “no – give – no take”, signing your organ donor card is like joining the club, the club of people who have agreed to share their organs. People have different views when it comes to donating organs. Some have their doubts about becoming an organ donor because of their religious beliefs, while others thinks that by signing an organ donor card it’s same as buying an insurance.

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NOTE In some ways I agree with Alexander on this new rule that he has proposed ( UNOS). Having a donor card is a good idea to make sure there is surplus of organs able to be donated. I’m not convinced that the “no- give no – take” rule will be productive to solve the shortage of our organ donors any time soon, since Alexander’s essay was based on suggestion. As for myself, I would have doubts of donating my organs not because of my religion or beliefs, but the trust of the people that handling my organs.

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This essay has inspired me to rethink being an organ donor because of the problems of most organizations. In my own view, paying tremendous amounts of money to organ donors to save someone’s life is the wrong way to help people in need. As time progresses and suggestions become reality I would be more confident in donating my organs.

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A Moral Solution to the Organ Donor Shortage

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