A Memorable Event in My Life: My Trip to Taipei

There were not too many events happening in my life. The one memorable event in my life is the trip I took to Taiwan and stayed there for one month. I went there to travel. And that was the first time I went to Taiwan. In the first week, I followed the tour guide to travel around Taiwan, he introduced Taiwanese culture to me. There are many similarities between Taiwan and China. Something like food and dress. I only followed the tour guide for one week.

After that, I went to Taipei by myself, Taipei is the capital city of Taiwan. It’s a small city, but with a large population, and a convenient public transportation system.

The second week in Taipei, I couldn’t find a place to live, because I didn’t know any place in Taipei, and hotel was expensive. I didn’t bring enough money. Besides that, I didn’t do any research before I came to Taiwan.

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I felt lost. I walked on the street, I looked at the bus station, I was thinking about where I can go. I sat on the bus station for about one hour, then I met a person, she asked me where do I want to go. I told her I’m looking for a place to live, but I couldn’t find one with a good price hotel. She said she knew one of the hotel only for foreigners. If I had a passport I can live there and she gave me that hotel’s address and told me the direction.

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At that moment I felt Taiwanese people were very friendly and kind.

Through this month, I also met lots of friends in Taipei, They were from different cities. They took me to the night market. The night market in Taiwan was a famous place. Taipei’s night markets offer the quintessential Taiwanese eating experience and are the embodiment of Taiwanese popular modern culture. Snacking and walking is truly a national pastime. I tried their popular snacks, sausages stuffed into rice sausages and oyster omelets. They were so delicious.

I had a very good time in Taiwan. I met many of nice people in there. Also, I felt like getting more mature and independent than before, because I can relate to myself.

When I came back to the U.S.A. my parents were both so glad to see my change.

All in all, that was my first time travel by myself, I was 18 years old at that time. A memorable event in my life. I felt I am lucky, I didn’t meet any bad people.

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A Memorable Event in My Life: My Trip to Taipei

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