A Geopolitical Community Essay

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A Geopolitical Community

A geopolitical community is a community, which is either man-made or surrounded by natural boundaries. It is considered a traditional point of view about communities. Man-made boundaries could be the towns where we live, work, or go to school. Natural boundaries could be the land formations that separate and isolate groups of people (Maurer & Smith 2008). The geopolitical community I live in is Nassau County, Long Island in New York. Nassau County is made up of many suburbs and towns and is located east of New York City. It is composed of 2 cities, 3 towns, 64 villages, 60 hamlets, and 56 public school districts. It is also among all the counties that have the highest income both in NY State and in the United States (Wikipedia, 2015).

A phenomenological community is a community where people are together because of their relationships, rather than by boundaries. People in phenomenological communities tend to share the same beliefs, interests and can be defined by religious and social groups. The phenomenological community I belong to is defined by my religious beliefs, since we are all from the same religion and go to temple and eat there together. We also form a support system and help each other in times of need. We also come together for festivals and special occasions. Some challenges faced by community health nurses are related to cultural diversity.

Community health nurses must be willing to accept and recognize cultural and language differences, which can become barriers. Some benefits that could arise for community health nurses could be the culture exchange from taking care of diverse patients. It allows nurses to be more flexible when dealing with diverse patients. A possible solution could be the use of an interpreter when dealing with diverse patients, who cannot speak English very well. Also, employers can help to ensure that nurses are trained to be more culturally diverse and learn to be more competent in other languages (Omeri, 2004).


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