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A Class Without A Teacher

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One of the most awaited moment in school life- Absence of a teacher in class. This is the time when a classroom can change into a parliament, jungle, market or even a mix of everything! Gossip, food, naughtiness, laughter and craziness overrule books, law, discipline and silence. The most perfect time to relax and enjoy and exercise our right to freedom of everything we can think of. Beings students, our prime motive is to break rules, have fun and cherish the good memories rather than crying over bad times, abiding school rules, stay numb and work like robots.

Once a teacher enters the classroom, we find silence at its perfectness and everyone is busy with their assigned work. But after all, students are students and once the teacher leaves, shall their true identities be revealed. Teaching by video conferencing makes a classroom without physical presence of teacher. This kind of advancement in teaching slowly minimizes the personal care and interactive nature of teacher.

Now, we’re focused on giving teachers the support they need to excel in the classroom. That support should come in many forms, including individualized professional development, cutting-edge educational technology and state-of-the-art lesson plans. One of the things I hear most often when I talk to teachers is that they’re eager for more chances to work together, to learn from each other. New teachers want regular access to colleagues with experience who can help them grow into the profession.

Experienced teachers, likewise, want to become leaders in their schools by mentoring new teachers.

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I was recently talking to teachers in Denver, an innovative school district that is trying some new approaches. They told me one of the best changes is a new emphasis to work in groups. They said the spirit of the collaboration reminds them of why they became teachers in the first place. Perhaps most importantly, teachers must have a voice in creating the future of teaching. They have a unique understanding of where their profession needs to go and what they need to do their best work for students. We have an obligation to benefit from their wisdom. That is why all the work we do at the foundation is in partnership with teachers.

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A Class Without A Teacher
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