A beautiful bond that connects two people through marriage

A beautiful bond that connects two people through marriage can suddenly break and turn into a divorce. It is unfortunate that many couples came to choose such decision. However, there no denying that divorcing have become more and more common nowadays. Although the causes leading to divorce are various, they can be grouped into: internal and external influences.

There are many causes that come as a result of one or two of the couples’ behaviour

The problem making couples divorce can come from one or both partners.

To begin with, many couples grew apart since they no longer feel loved and passionate. A bond between wife and husband requires many time and efforts to maintain, and it is almost impossible to do so when companions are no longer willing to invest. Without commitment for each other, divorce is only the matter of time. Another internal reason lead to divorce is immature and rush decision. Getting married supposes to be a life long decision.

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However, some couples might have made such decision without thorough consideration. As a result, they find it impossible to accept their other half faults and incompatible habits. Obviously, a marriage lacking of understanding and compromise is hardly long lasting. Finally, many marriage come to an end with intense conflicts. For instant, some have a lot of fight, some experience abusive behavior, and some become unfaithful. At this point, their relationship has became mentally and physically toxic, which make divorce inevitable.

Similar to internal causes, external influences can affect a marriage negatively.

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Many married couples feel pressures from the in-laws, and from their own family. In particular, families with old mindset might expect the wife handle all the houses chores, leaving all financial responsibility for the husband. These stereotyes cause displeasure, frustration, and consequently damage the relationship. Additionally, stress in modern living also responsible for divorce. In modern society, life pace has become faster and faster, causing difficulty for people trying to adapt. As a result, many people are so busy making a living that they dont have time for their family. Lastly, changes in the perception of marriage play an important role. Marriage nowadays is not necessary to be an eternal bond, and divorcement is no longer a sin like in the past. People now can get divorce legally to end a marriage that cause suffer for both partner.

In conclusion, maintaining a relationship is never an easy task, and there are many reasons leading to a divorce. Therefore, we should be aware of all these causes to protect our marriage.

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