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Film making involves the cooperation of diverse persons with dissimilar attitude. Often these attitudes are employed so as to bring the best out of the involved characters handling distinct roles. For instance, James Bond the legendary tough boy is often depicted as a lethal, quick and strong in nature despite his instinct of picking his subjects.

Therefore, by attempting to evaluate Bonds character clinically, it would be instrumental to assert that, the diverse tools employed to diagnose an individual antisocial inclination may not provide the real picture of this fictional character.

Basically, it would be pivotal to underline the fact that, individuals who defined as psychopaths are known to prey on others using crude and unfriendly manners which may include: low conscience, limited empathy or lack of it, pathological cheating as well as abuse of social norms including disregard for the established public laws among others. Thus, looking at the character of James Bond, it is apparent that he exhibits none of the mentioned deficiencies (Cleckley, 1982).

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Due to that observation, I am convinced that, James Bond is a creation of destiny, this can be attributed to the fact that, the way he carries himself or as he is seen through motion pictures and novels, he is more often depicted as a reserved individual who is not bent on committing crime or going against the law, but rather he is typically as a carefree hero who is in one way or the other is an extrovert. On a clinical approach he fails to qualify as a psychopath.

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For instance, if he could be placed under Hare Psychopathy Checklist-Revised (PCL-R) a formidable diagnostic tool typically employed to rate an individuals psychopathic or antisocial inclinations. Placing the James Bond personal clinical analysis under this tool, it would be pivotal to unearth the fact that, his degree of psychopathy would be significantly lower than that of any common psychopath. From a clinical perspective, psychopaths are known to exhibit such symptoms as shallow emotions as well as a history of victimizing other people of which James bond do not exhibit.

By using this checklist developed by Robert Hare, it would be paramount to accept that, the diagnosis or the clinical evaluation intended can be negative, note that, the usage of this checklist by diverse health and correctional professional when handling such individuals who may have succumbed to crime and sex offending. Thus by examining the laid down scope of dealing with psychopaths, it is vital to understand that, when diagnosing an individual as a psychopath, one has to know that this is a very serious procedure (Bartol,et al,2005). This is due to the fact that, this whole process may end up creating either highly positive or disastrous implications to the individual, friends as well as his or her family despite that, the consequence may as well upset the future clinical and equally forensic examinations.

Therefore, if the clinical evaluations pertaining to James Bond are to be carried under the Hare PCL-R diagnostic tool which holds two parts involving a semi structured interview and an analysis of the individual’s files and records. This procedure involves scoring at least 20 elements that are employed to measure the key psychopathic traits. In essence these factors are designed to cover the diverse nature of the involved individual interpersonal relationship, his or her sentimental or expressive participation; reactions to other individuals and to circumstances; proof of collective deviance; and everyday life. The elements thus envelop two essential features that help characterize the psychopath: self-centred and unsympathetic persecution of other people, and an unsound and unsociable lifestyle (Hicks, et al, 2006).

Some of the twenty attributes evaluated by the PCL-R score include:

• ostentatious opinion of self
• pathological lying
• shrewd and manipulativeness
• lack of regret or responsibility
• shallow emotional reaction
• pitilessness and lack of compassion
• parasitic way of life
• pitiable behavioural controls
• sexual promiscuity
• lack of realistic long-term goals
• carelessness
• juvenile misbehaviour
• criminal adaptability

The interrogation part of the assessment covers the individual’s surroundings, as well as such factors as occupation and academic history; matrimonial and family position; and scandalous background. Since psychopaths lie regularly and effortlessly, the data they give must be established by an appraisal of the credentials in the individual’s case account. Going by the way James Bond carries himself, it would crucial to assert that, even if compelled to undertake this test, his traits do not qualify him to be declared as a psychopath. Thus, it would be likely that, under the PCL-R score, James Bond would score a zero, while under this process a prototype psychopath acquires a maximum score of over 40,while those individuals with no psychopathic elements or traits gets zero score (Haycock,2010).

James Bond as is depicted in both the novels and the film, he is a military intelligence specialist, as a unique individual, more than often he is presented as a character of sound mind  as well as having a strong spirit. Exploring his past, it is apparent that he lost both of his parents while at the tender age of 11 years. Despite this sad twist of his life, subsequently he lost his only surviving relative in his early teenage period. Just like most of those individuals who have lost their parents or guardians in their youth, too, Bond has equally similar abandonment surroundings. This perhaps reflects why he is seen as an individual who rarely makes long lasting liaisons with both men and women. Though in some instances he is quoted as having mentioned having fallen in love, he maintains no friendship. More so, though, he professes restricted memories of his early formative years as a youth in Europe, he is note remorse, but profoundly lives and enjoys his present social status (Holmes,et al,1988).

However, from a close examination of his personal convictions, he has only minor thoughts or vague thoughts about old age and retirement and this does not qualify him to be a psychopath.  Reflecting on the profound behaviors  and attitudes of most psychopaths, it would instrumental to assert that, Bond have so strongly exposed his character which cannot be defined as antisocial. Naturally, no individual is perfect, hence Bond as a human being has his share of weaknesses, for instance, he does not fear death, and is solitary. Another, predominant element apparent in Bonds character is that he is courageous and fearless, this can be evidenced by the fact that, during his time at University of Geneva, he led a team of fellow students to an expedition to the same mountain where his parent perished, and he never told his friends about the tragic association with this mountain. As a healthy and vibrant individual, he is inclined to propelling himself to the very limit, both physically and mentally.

Analyzing his personal life when on and off duty, his character presents him as an individual who loves to keep it to himself, compared to a psychopath, Bond is simple, respective and lethal when provoked. Hence, this could be the principal reason that propels him to spend his time in his flat. So does that qualify him to be illustrated as a psychopath? Actually no.

Under the aspects of Hare scale Bonds traits can be said to be either zero or below three, this can be linked to the fact that, at some cases he is depicted as extremely aggressive, while in other instances he is illustrated as a composed and humble individual .despite his social anomalies such as addiction to whiskies as well as his tendency to heavy smoking, I do assume that, Bond is normal, and more so his personal life do not fall within the scope of him being branded as psychopath (Hare,1993).  According to On Her Majesty’s Secret Service film, he is painted as a man who loves to have a series of simple and meaningless relationships with several but dissimilar women, who he discards the minute the develop to be a cause of inconvenience

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