Young People and the Internet Essay

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Young People and the Internet

Nowadays, technology and the Internet have become a really important part of our daily life. We use it everywhere for everything, we are surrounded by all kinds of electronic gadgets, and it makes our life easier. However, a serious problem of this great invention it’s how it can influence on young people.

It’s a well-known fact that the Internet has experienced an enormous development during the last years, and now it has become a really powerful and necessary tool. The Internet has completely changed communications, the access to the worldwide information, the way we work and how we spend our free time. Moreover, the Internet Internet has also provided the opportunity to study online, and having unlimited access to information of any kind, changing a lot education. Most young people use the Internet to access information to use in school or college and to improve their general knowledge and in this way they improve lot of skills.

On the contrary, a drawback of this powerful tool called the Internet it’s that could be very addictive, especially for young people. According to a recent survey, teenagers spend more than 5 hours a day sitting front of the screen communicating with others using social networks or playing video games, instead of going out with friends or practicing real sports. This could become a huge problem in the development of children and teenagers leading them to isolation. The access to inappropriate or dangerous content.

For this reason, parents and teachers should we should limit the use of the Internet in young people, however the most effective way to keep them safe is to educate them from an early age about the risks they may encounter when online.

Taking everything into consideration, besides the Internet help us a lot and improves our knowledge, we should control the way it’s used, and educate young people about the dangers they can find using it.

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