You Cannot Invade the Evolution of Nature

The story Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton was written in 1990, during the hypes of information stage when superficially every Huge company and scientific firms were being engaged in the know the supremacy of computerization in which they wanted an individual to build things that will minimize human effort and engage in biogenetical studies to understand the how to bring back the species which have been extinct for more than millions of year. Also, it creates drawbacks for the scientific researcher about major technical breakdown which can lead to mass devastation.

The story showcases that idea of the law of chaos theory which defines that computers failing down governs all-around natural or manmade systems, the workings of a complicated system like Jurassic Park simply cannot be predicted for any length of period. As illustrated in the Story Jurassic Park, it illustrates that if humans intrude with nature the effects going to be horrendous for mankind.

Furthermore, In the Story, Michael Crichton demonstrates the idea of gene mutation of dinosaurs to bring them back into life.

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However, it erratically went erroneous because of few security measures taken by the Jurassic park proprietor John Hammond. The event that has taken place in the story can be relevant to the actual world. As we today a lot of new technologies have emerged which has brought a lot of drawbacks for nature, which is going to have a huge impact on living. According to United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) – “Added heat stress, shifting Monsoons, and drier soils may reduce yields by as much as a third in the tropics and subtropics, where crops are already near their maximum heat tolerance.

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“We know that man-made environmental change is real and that it creates a great threat to the world and its inhabitants. With the current statement presented by the UNEP illustrates that human are putting themselves and other living under a great threat which will not only going to affect us but also the future generation. With the rising temperature, which is increasing because of the greenhouse effect we are punishing our self to an unpleasant world.

Additionally, In the story, the computer programmer Denis Nerdy breaches the computer system so that he can take frozen embryos and vend to a rival biotechnology organization. With great power comes with a huge responsibility, the further development in the story illustrate the idea misusing potential power which could hit the world with a huge challenge. According to Dr. Stefan Riedel, Department of Pathology, Baylor University Medical Center states that – “Given the presence and availability of plague around the world, the capacity for mass production and aerosol dissemination, the high fatality rate of pneumonic plague, and the potential for rapid secondary spread, the potential use of plague as a biological weapon is of great concern.”. Biological weapons can be difficult to regulate or forecast in a battlefield since there is a substantial risk of civilians and troops from both sides getting effected. Also, it will not be going to affect humans but also going to have a tremendous effect on biodiversity. Also, having a fear of getting these substantial powers filched put millions of lives under jeopardy.

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