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Writing an Agenda in Mediation

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An agenda for conflicting parties is a very helpful tool in solving various problems that we encounter everyday. However, writing an agenda is different from writing other articles. There are several points that should be accomplished and some points given proper attention. These points are crucial in order to come up with an agenda that is agreeable for both parties, thus helping solve the problems that they have. One important aspect to consider is the reason why we write an agenda? What is an agenda and how should it be written?

Writing an agenda is important so that both parties would be able to clarify any points of conflict that they had.

It serves as a tool for both parties to remember the important points that have been raised while they are discussing. It is important in order to arrive at a point where they can be able to settle an agreement. An agenda serves both as a guide and as a contract for both parties.

Another important aspect to consider is the mediator. How proficient is the mediator in arriving with an agenda that both parties can agree to? The mediator should be able to put as much words as he can that describes the situation he is mediating.

This is in order to have a good grasp of what is happening, and especially to be able to take down as much information as possible. However, they should think for a while in order to find the words that would best describe the conflict.

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The most important thing to consider is the well-being of both parties. They should be relaxed so that nothing can cloud their minds as well as their decisions. The mediator should learn to calm both parties by asking questions that could remove strain from their minds, while keeping it conversational at all times

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Writing an Agenda in Mediation
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