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Many students dread writing long papers. After all, it’s difficult enough to fill a single page with quality discussion. What more a 15 page paper? But writing a long project is not impossible. By following these guidelines, you will know how to write a 15 page paper quickly without compromising quality.

1. Face the task. Learning how to write a 15 page paper in one day begins by facing the fact that you have a big task ahead of you. Writing a big paper is hard, and you may be tempted to delay writing.

But procrastinating only puts you in a worse situation.

2. Breakdown the task into units. Before you begin the writing process, it is important for you to breakdown the task into units. The writing process is composed of different steps. Identify these steps and then complete them one at a time. There’s not much use in multitasking since this will only make the process confusing. Approaching the task in an organized manner will help you learn how to write a 15 page paper in one night.

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3. Study the instructions. The third step is studying the instructions. There’s no going back once you start writing the paper. There’s very little room for mistakes. So make sure you understand the requirements by reading the instructions as many times as necessary. Once you’re confident that you have understood the instructions, you can move on to the next step of writing the paper.

4. Choose a topic. Assuming that the professor did not assign a topic, choose a topic that fits the requirements.

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It’s better if your topic is something you’re interested in. Writing a paper would seem like an eternity if you find the topic boring.

5. Conduct Research. The next step is to conduct research. Most research papers will require you to integrate sources into the discussion. Start by looking for sources. Browse them over so that you can quickly determine if they are relevant or not. Write down notes as you read your sources to keep track of useful information. Notes are useful for integrating sources into your discussion.

6. Formulate a thesis and create an outline. Once you feel that you’re sufficiently informed about the topic, formulate an original thesis statement. This will serve as the backbone of your paper. Proceed to making an outline. Remember that the elements in your outline should all be connected to your thesis. For instance, your outline should contain your main points that support the thesis, counterarguments, refutations for counterarguments, or details that provide background information. Also, try to divide the 15 pages among your sections. For example, one page for the introduction should be enough. The most important parts should receive the most space. Estimating the length of your sections will help you make use of the space effectively.

7. Write the paper. The next step is to write the draft of the main content of the paper using the outline you created. Make sure that each body paragraph has a topic sentence and is dedicated to a single idea. You should also avoid the temptation to fill the paper with irrelevant discussions just to meet the page count. If you focus on providing substantial discussions, you will be surprised with how much space your paragraphs can take. Those 15 pages will be filled before you even know it. Finally, write the introduction last so that you don’t have to spend too much time thinking of a good opening paragraph.

8. Add citations. Don’t forget to add your list of sources to the paper. Apart from paying due credit to your sources, providing a bibliography also helps you avoid plagiarism.

9. Revise. Learning how to write a 15 page research paper is not complete without revising. After writing your paper, carefully read it again so that you can identify parts that require improvement. Revise the paper to remove errors, improve flow, and clarify any vague parts. Ideally, you should revise the paper at least one or two days after completing the first draft. But if you’re short in time, perform at least one revision right after you complete the paper.

10. Proofread. Finally perform a final proofread to eliminate most if not all grammatical or typographical errors. A few errors here and there are acceptable, but having too many errors is a sure sign that you did not perform proofreading. While it may seem tedious, proofreading will help give your paper that polished look and feel.

So how long does it take to write a 15 page paper? The answer varies. Some people may take a few days, some a few weeks, and some only a single day. But regardless of your pace, you should approach your task in an organized manner. Knowing the process will make the task easier. Once you become familiar with these guidelines, you no longer have to wonder how to write a 15 page paper. It still won’t be easy, but it will definitely be no longer than hard.

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