The Yalta and Potsdam Conferences: Precursors to the Cold War

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In this essay, I am going to discuss traditional and modern injury dressings and management strategies. I will be comparing the standard dressings with today's existing modern dressing. When selecting a dressing numerous situations need to be accessed as what kind of wound is it? This makes it a lot harder on which dressing need to be used as there are a lot of different types readily available today. Numerous that are utilized in the veterinary practice are in reality utilized by humans.

When an injury is recovering it is very important to know the phases of recovery so you can achieve the finest possible outcome. Wound healing is the physiological process of bring back the continuity of tissues following injury. The 2 main processes are regrowth and repair work. There are three stages of injury healing that include:

- Inflammatory (substrate) stage which happens immediately

- Proliferative (repair) stage which occurs 3-7 days post injury

- Remodelling (maturation) stage which happens 5-7 days following the initial injury Each of these stages is crucial for the final result.

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However, many aspects can impact the injury recovery stage such as contamination, host factors and the nature of the injury. For effective injury management the suitable dressing need to be used to preserve the right wound environment. The kinds of injuries are as follows:

- Necrotic Wound: black or brown dead tissue that requires to be removed. As envisioned listed below

- Sloughy Injury: yellow or white tissue that's most likely to be exudative.

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As imagined below.

- Granulating Wound: first phase of recovery and looks like raw steak like tissue. This wound requires to be kept secured and in a moist environment. As visualized below.

- Epithelising Injury: pink recovery tissue that crosses a bed of granulation tissue. This injury needs to be kept safeguarded and in a damp environment. As pictured below.

Wound dressing play a vital role in the healing process. Appropriate dressing must be used to ensure the right wound environment so the healing can progress. Dressings have progressed immensely since the 1960’s and is still progressing to this day. There is a wide variety of dressing available each created to be for a specific wound and stage of healing. Dressings are designed to actively absorb or hydrate. They are required to help combat infection, contamination and to protect from further trauma. Dressings are also designed for wounds at different stages as it progresses towards healing. In recent research, a wide range of antimicrobial dressings have become available that contain different antimicrobial agents, including silver, iodine and honey. Most recent research has been more focused on the sterile medical grade honey products for wound management. These products have been designed to overcome many of the problems of messiness and difficulty of handling. Also in more research, it shows that there is very little information on these antimicrobial products to help practitioners choose. Recommendations could not be made as the trials reviewed were of poor quality.

Updated: Nov 20, 2023
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