World War II D-Day Thesis

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Have you ever heard of D-Day? It is an important battle in world history as it marks the event that helped the end World War II. D-Day happened in Normandy, France and three countries the United States of America, Great Britain and Canada became allies and decided to invade the beaches of Normandy to start the liberation of Europe. They wanted to prevent Germany from taking over all of Europe and prevent them from invading Great Britain since it was the next closest country to Europe.

D-Day was planned England by Winston Churchill, General Dwight D. Eisenhower and President Delano Roosevelt. They chose Normandy because of its strategic location to the British channel. Allied forces chose the Normandy beaches because it was a rural area and Germans thought they had the advantage because of the steep cliffs making it difficult to succesfully invade.

But, the Allied troops thought differently and chose this area and took the Germans by surprise as most of the German’s strong military was positioned in Calais which was the closest French town to England.

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The beaches of Normandy had lots military but it had Germany’s weaker soldiers which proved to be succesful for the Allied forces. The main goal of D-Day was to liberate France from Nazi Germany and to free the rest of Europe. They worked together and supplied ships, planes and hundreds of thousands of troops to pull off this successful invasion. Right before D-Day the allied forces sent planes over the region to investigate the land and to decide what beaches would be good to invade and to locate where the German bases were strategically placed.

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The D-Day invasion of Normandy involved 5 beaches Juno, Sword, Gold, Utah and Omaha. Allied ships were spread over 50 miles off the coast. The invasion on Normandy was not an easy battle over 150,000 allied soldiers died either on the beaches of Normandy or drowning while trying to wade through the water with their heavy equipment. The Original date of D-Day was postponed due to poor weather and the actual invasion happened on June 6, 1944. D-Day was a huge success and was a huge triumph as they helped stop the Nazi Germany from spreading further into Europe. The first city to be liberated was Paris, France August 24, 1944 and allied forces continued to push forward to help liberate the rest of Europe.

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