Work in Primary School

Promoting Quality Care Assessment Task

Discuss how staff apply the three values of care in their work and how these impact positively on service users

I am currently on placement working in an early year setting of Primary School R. Primary School R is located in a village in Co. Tyrone. It is set on a large site on the edge of the village but in the heart of the community. There are currently 103 children on roll. The staff comprises of a teaching principal, five class teachers, a part-time support teacher, three classroom assistants, a school secretary and three lunch time supervisors.

Primary School R aims to “provide a broad and balanced education, to encourage and enthuse pupils to develop their individual personalities and their potential to the full” and also “strive to  encourage and enthuse pupils to develop their individual personalities and potentials to the full through the high quality teaching and learning experiences provided and through participating in a wide range of curricular and extra-curricular activities and experiences including sport, music and excursions” Primary School R`s motto is “be the best you can be”

In health care settings, there are three care values which are of great importance; the promotion of anti-discriminatory practise, the promotion of service user’s rights and choices and the concept of respect and dignity.

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Promote individual’s rights and choices

In the setting the staff promote the individual’s rights and choices in many ways. The kitchen staff in the setting allowed each child to choose what they wanted to eat for their lunch and they also promoted healthy eating by offering a wide range of fruit and vegetables, which still met their dietary needs.

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While on my placement I witnesses a girl in P1 who was a vegetarian and the school kitchen staff met her needs and provided a vegetarian dish for her. This would have a positive impact on the service users as it gives them the independence to choose what they want for dinner and this would raise their independence.

Another way that Primary School R promotes individual`s rights and choices was that I observed that the pupils were allowed to choose what games they wanted to play or what exercise they wanted to do for PE. This creates a positive impact on the service users as it will give the children a sense of independence and responsibility. This will also make the children feel empowered. This will encourage the children to play with each other and make new friends. The staff also promote the individual’s rights and choices by allowing and encouraging children to express their opinions and viewpoints. I observed a child feeling sad because their team lost at football. The teacher reassures the child that it was ok to lose sometimes and that there are plenty of other opportunities to win. This impacts positively on the service user as it develops their confidence, self-esteem and trust and stops children feeling embarrassed when talking about their feelings.

Primary School R also has a school council. This helps promote individual rights and choices as they gather on a weekly bases and talk about what the other pupils in the school would like to change. This gives the pupils a chance to voice their opinion and their voices be heard. During the school council meeting different things are discussed such as extra-curricular activities, how Primary School R can save electricity and cut down on waste. This has a positive impact as it allows service users to voice their opinion and change the school for the better. This gives the children a sense of belonging and also responsibility which will increase their confidence and self-esteem which will positively impact the children.

The right to confidentiality and privacy was also met by the staff in different ways. The staff had to use a password to log onto the computer to access any records for the pupil. This ensures that private information is kept confidential and that only certain members of staff can access these records. I observed in the setting that a parent was meeting with the principle of Primary School R and they held their meeting in a private room so that there was so risk of anybody over hearing the private conversation.

Promoting anti-discriminatory practice

An example of Primary School R promoting anti-discrimination practice was that I observed appropriate access for pupils and visitors with disabilities. There are ramps allocated all over the school so any pupil or visitor who is in a wheelchair can easily move around the school. I also observed an elevator for pupils or visitors who are unable to take the stairs. This allows service users to feel safe and secure in the school and allows equal opportunities for all service users. Children who are disables may have a poor self-esteem, so by being treated as the other children it will boost their confidence and self-esteem and they will also have a high self-concept.

The staff in Primary School R also celebrated a different range of holidays and cultures; for example, there was a boy who was a different race to the other children and the staff in the setting celebrated his culture so the children also learned more about him and his culture. This will expand the children’s knowledge of different cultures and also make them aware that not everybody is the same. This staff also promote different celebrations by allowing the service users to stay off school and celebrate with their family e.g. Christmas, Easter, St Patricks Day and Halloween. This shows that the staff respect all different religions and cultures.

While in the setting I noticed that Primary School R promotes an inclusive environment which welcomes diversity. At the entrance of the primary school there was a “welcome” sign in different languages. This makes the service user feel a sense of belonging and also increase their confidence. I also noticed that in the staff room of the primary school had different leaflets with information on it about the school in seven different languages. This will make the service user feel accepted in the school environment and also makes children from different cultures feel welcome.

While during class time the teacher done a lesson called “World Around Us”. The teacher used play materials and books that reflected different cultures and backgrounds. The children were reading the books which had characters of different races and religions. This promotes diversity and equality. The children then had to share with the class different facts about the cultures and how it is different from theirs. This impacts the children positively as it gives them and insight on other cultures.

Promoting respect and dignity

Respect and dignity is applied in the school by the staff allowing each pupil to express their own viewpoint by allowing each child to contribute in class discussions. When the child is expressing their own viewpoint they will feel empowered and will develop their confidence. This will also develop their self-esteem and they will have a high self-concept. I witnessed the pupils taking part taking part in a class discussion where the children were put into groups to discuss the subject given by the teacher. The teachers do this regularly for the pupils to develop positive relationships with their peers as they are not only expressing their own opinions, but also listening to and respecting the opinions of others. This develops their social skills and teaches them how to show respect for others.

The setting that I am assisting in promotes respect and dignity by using the correct tone of voice around the pupils. For example, a boy in class was misbehaving and the teacher handled the situation by taking the child outside and having a chat with him instead of telling him off in front of the class and embarrassing the service user. This makes the child feel respected and valued by the teacher. I also observed that the teacher talked respectfully towards the children in a manner that doesn’t show that the children are any less important than adults. This makes the pupils feel valued and equally important.

In the setting I also noticed that the setting had a school counsellor which comes to school every Monday, Wednesday and Friday which the service users can chat to about their worries or problems. The counsellor is also confidential so this is respecting the pupil by allowing them to trust the counsellor and allows them to know that if they ever have a problem then they know where to go. This has a positive impact on the service users as it reassures them that they have someone to talk to if they are feeling upset. This will also give the service user a sense of safety and security.

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